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Hollywood Studios Parking Guide | Tips, Deals & FAQ

The first thing you'll do when arriving at Hollywood Studios is park your vehicle, so why not make it as seamless of an experience as possible.

We're here to provide you with all the tips and information you need to know for a smooth arrival to Hollywood Studios!

Parking Tips, Deals & Frequently Asked Questions We'll Cover In This Guide:

  • How Much Does Parking Cost At Hollywood Studios?
  • When Does The Hollywood Studios Parking Lot Open?
  • Where Is Hollywood Studios Parking Located?
  • Is Preferred Parking Worth It?
  • Is Handicap Parking Available?
  • Is EV Parking/Charging Available?
  • Where Is The Best Place To Park At Hollywood Studios?
  • Hollywood Studios Parking Deals & Discounts

 Hollywood Studios Parking Entrance

How Much Does Parking Cost At Hollywood Studios?

Parking fees at Hollywood Studios will vary depending on what type of vehicle you're driving.

You'll also see a difference in price if you opt for Preferred Parking (which puts you closer to the main entrance) instead of Standard Parking.

The current parking fees for Hollywood Studios are below:

  • Standard Parking: $30
  • Oversized Vehicle Parking: $35
  • Preferred Parking: $45-$55

RV's and busses are considered oversized vehicles, so be prepared to pay $5 more if you'll be bringing one of these vehicles to Hollywood Studios. 

"Preferred Parking Available" Sign

You'll also notice that Preferred Parking is listed in a range between $45 and $50. The Preferred Parking price varies from day-to-day with prices typically being on the higher end during weekends and holidays. 

When Does The Hollywood Studios Parking Lot Open?

Unlike Hollywood Studios itself which has a scheduled open and close time everyday, the parking lot does not have an official opening time.

We've seen the Hollywood Studios parking lot typically open about 60 minutes before the earliest scheduled park opening time. We've even seen the parking lot open as early as 90 minutes before park opening, but this has only been the case during extremely busy times of year or when a new attraction is opening.

Keep in mind that the parking lot opens about 60 minutes before the earliest scheduled park opening time

Hollywood Studios Ticket Booths

This means that if the regular park opening time is 10:00AM, but there is an early park entry event for Disney hotel guests beginning at 9:30AM then the parking lot will likely open at 8:30AM. 

If you arrive before the parking lot is open you'll simply need to wait in your car outside of the toll booths/parking lot entrance until Disney cast members are ready to let you in. 

Where Is Hollywood Studios Parking Located?

Disney's Hollywood Studios parking lot is located directly in front of the theme park's entrance.

With the exception of Magic Kingdom, which requires guests to park at the Ticket & Transportation Center, all Walt Disney World theme parks have parking lots located within walking distance of the main gates.

No matter where you're coming from on Disney property you'll see signs which will direct you to Hollywood Studios. Either follow the signs to "Hollywood Studios" or "All Guest Areas" and you'll slowly find your way to Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood Studios Directional Signs

The "All Guest Areas" signs may seem daunting, but they are designed to get you to a more central location on Disney property where you'll be able to easily drive to all of the theme parks.

We always recommend using a navigation app like Google Maps or Apple Maps when trying to find Hollywood Studios though. Just enter the address below into you navigation app and you'll be led right to the park! 

351 S Studio Drive
Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830

Is Preferred Parking Worth It?

While Preferred Parking at Hollywood Studios is located just steps away from security and the park's front gates, we still don't find Preferred Parking to always be worth it here.

The parking lot at Hollywood Studios is smaller than EPCOT and Magic Kingdom's and most parking spots are a relatively straight shot into the parks. 

Hollywood Studios is also unlike EPCOT in where we don't find ourselves making multiple laps around the park, so overall we're walking a lot less.

Preferred Parking Pass for Hollywood Studios

While Hollywood Studios isn't a small theme park by any means, we don't find ourselves walking as much as Animal Kingdom or Magic Kingdom either. 

That being said, after a long day in the Florida sun you may find some value in having a shorter walk to/from your car, so while we almost always skip out on Preferred Parking at Hollywood Studios, there are many guests who still end up upgrading.  

Minnie Parking Sign

Is Handicap Parking Available?

Handicap parking is available at Disney's Hollywood Studios!

Located in the Medical Lot, handicap parking is very short distance from the security checkpoint and front gates of the park. 

When you arrive to Hollywood Studios you simply need to show a Disney cast member your handicap parking permit or placard and then you'll be given instructions on how to access the Medical Lot. Disney cast members will also be present throughout the parking lot to guide you to the right place. 

It's also important to note that handicap parking is not free and you still must pay the general parking fees. 

There are a few ways to get free parking including being a Walt Disney World Annual Passholder or Disney hotel guest, amongst other options. 

Is EV Parking/Charging Available?

EV charging is available at Hollywood Studios, but is extremely limited. 

At the time of this writing there are only 4 EV charging spaces in the Mickey parking section.

These spots are first come, first serve and tend become occupied very quickly. So if you're arriving in the middle of the day it's unlikely you'll find any of these spots available.

Teslas Charging at Hollywood Studios

If you do manage to snag an EV charging space then you'll also have some of the best parking at Hollywood Studios! 

While not as good as Preferred Parking, EV charging spots are a very short walk away from the security checkpoint and the best spots you can get for Standard Parking. 

Where Is The Best Place To Park At Hollywood Studios?

The best place to park at Hollywood Studios is always going to be the main parking lot.

While Hollywood Studios is connected to Disney's BoardWalk via a walking path, it's quite a long walk and if you have a dining or hotel reservation at the BoardWalk you're better off taking one of Disney's complimentary transportation services. 

The one exception to this can be if you're planning to start your day at Hollywood Studios, but end it at EPCOT and don't want to drive back and fourth between the two parks.

Disney's Skyliner Station

Because EPCOT and Hollywood Studios are connected via Disney's Skyliner, we recommend leaving your car at EPCOT and taking the Skyliner over to Hollywood Studios. 

This way when you end your day at EPCOT you'll only have a short walk back to your car, instead of needing to take the Skyliner back to Hollywood Studios and then walk to your vehicle. 

It may be easiest to drive between the two parks, but if you aren't looking to do so then leave your vehicle at the park you will be ending your day at! While you might have to do a bit more legwork in the mornings, it's much easier than making this journey after a long day at two theme parks!

Hollywood Studios Parking Deals & Discounts

There are currently no discounts being offered on parking at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

However, there are a few different deals and ways to get free parking at Hollywood Studios and any of the Walt Disney World theme parks. The easiest ways to get free parking is going to be purchase a Walt Disney World Annual Pass or stay at one of the Disney property hotels. 

If any parking discounts become available at Hollywood Studios we'll be sure to add them here!



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