Are Disney World and Magic Kingdom the Same?

In this page we will cover whether Disney World and Magic Kingdom are the same, and what makes Magic Kingdom special.

    Are Disney World and Magic Kingdom the Same?

    Disney World and Magic Kingdom are not the same, as Magic Kingdom is one of the four parks inside of Walt Disney World.

    Magic Kingdom is the most popular park of the four, known as the Most Magical Place on Earth, which is why it is commonly referred to as being the same thing.

    Magic Kingdom opened in 1971 and is the oldest of the four parks in Disney World. It can be distinguished with the famous Cinderella castle in the center of the park.

    magic kingdom cinderella castle

    What is Special About Magic Kingdom?

    Magic Kingdom is perfect for all ages, and does a fantastic job splitting the park by interests into 6 separate areas. 

    1. Frontierland
    2. Fantasyland
    3. Adventureland
    4. Libertysquare
    5. Tomorrowland
    6. Mainstreet USA

    Whether you are interested in thrilling roller coasters, seeing shows, shopping, or even seeing fireworks, there's absolutely something for you to enjoy.

    The following video does a complete walk through of the park.

    If you're looking to get a better feel of what to expect at Magic Kingdom, without spoiling all of the good parts, it's a perfect video to skip around in.

    Here you'll get as close to a first-hand experience at the different lands of the park, how the park is laid out, where the busier spots at the park are, and the sounds of the park in general.

    Can Disneyland Fit in Magic Kingdom?

    When combining Disneyland and California Adventure, it spans 500 acres. Magic Kingdom is about 107 acres, so no Disneyland would not fit inside of Magic Kingdom.

    However, Disneyland would fit inside several dozen times as Disney World as it is 43 square miles large, or 27,520 acres.

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