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Does Disney World Close When it Rains? | Explained

When you're visiting a theme park, rain is one of the few things that you can't control, that can still impact your experience.

In this page, we will go over whether Disney World closes when it rains, and what happens to rides and shows when it rains.

    Does Disney World Close When it Rains?

    Disney World remains open when it rains, and in fact expect rain if you're visiting during the summer months. If it is a light shower, outdoor rides will remain open but if the rain begins to pick up and/or thunderstorms are on the horizon, outdoor rides will temporarily close. However, indoor rides and shows will continue to operate.

    disney world empty due to rain


    The rides that will naturally be affected the most by severe weather are the outdoor rides.

    When it rains, the park will monitor the weather and re-open rides accordingly as the weather improves.

    In Florida, it is normal for rain to sporadically show up throughout the day, only to be gone in a few minutes. It can even rain while it is completely sunny outside, that's Florida for you.

    What to Do When it Rains

    If there's a chance that it'll rain during the day that you're visiting, plan ahead and know what the indoor rides are for the park that you're in (Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT).

    By familiarizing yourself with these indoor rides and shows, you'll be able to head there when the sky darkens, get in line, and beat the crowd before it rains and the rest of the visitors are trying to do the same thing.

    Luckily, Disney World is an enormous theme park with both indoor and outdoor attractions as well as shows.

    disney world character and visitor hugging

    Pros and Cons of Going on a Rainy Day

    Perks of Going on a Rainy Day

    If you don't mind getting wet, lines will be minimal as most visitors will clear out of the park almost immediately.

    This leads to incredibly short lines, and you'll easily be able to ride the same ride back to back.

    Cons of Going on a Rainy Day

    The downside however is that if thunderstorms begin forming, you're risking having to pause or possibly even end your trip (which almost never happens).

    Refund Policy

    Unfortunately Disney World does not offer refunds/rain-checks if your visit if impacted by severe weather.

    lightning storm

    Due to this, you'll want to make sure that you know the Best Time to go to Disney World in order to avoid getting rained-out.

    Preparing For the Rain

    We've made a checklist of items to have and do in case of the rain:

    • Bring a Poncho
    • Bring a Stroller Rain Cover (If Traveling With Kids)
    • Download the My Disney Experience app
    • Know What the Indoor Rides are, and Ride These Tides When it Rains
    • Watch a Show Inside
    • Mobile Food and Beverages
    • See Attraction Wait Times
    • Use Live GPS-Enabled Maps

    The reason that a poncho is better than an umbrella at a theme park is that it's very lightweight and can fit virtually anywhere when it is folded up.

    poncho for rain

    If you bring an umbrella, you may need to store it in lockers throughout your day. You can purchase ponchos on Amazon ahead of time, or at the park.

    The My Disney Experience app is extremely handy as it provides live wait times, an interactive map of the park, allows you to pre-order food, and even save your car's location in the app.

    Bring a Stroller Rain Cover

    If you're traveling with kids, and are using strollers at the park, you should consider bringing a stroller rain cover.

    Although we mentioned ponchos for the walking adults, you'll want to protect the kiddos from the rain with a stroller rain cover.

    Disney World's strollers do not come with a stroller rain cover, so you'll want to buy one in advance.

    Stroller Size Allowance

    As a reminder:

    • Strollers must be 31” (79cm) wide and 52” (132cm) long or smaller.


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