Valet Parking at Universal Studios Hollywood | Is It Worth It?

One of the more unexpected parking options at Universal Studios Hollywood is valet parking. Valet parking isn't offered at most of the other theme parks in Southern California which might make it it an intriguing option after you've made that long walk back to your car a few times over at the other theme parks.

But at a high price tag is valet parking at Universal Studios Hollywood worth it?

Valet Parking at Universal Studios Hollywood

We'll dive into the details of Valet Parking in this guide and help you decide if it's the right choice!

Valet Parking Prices

Self-parking at Universal Studios Hollywood (General ParkingPreferred Parking and Front Gate Parking) are priced the same no matter how long you keep your car parked on property (though there are discounts for arriving later in the day on General and Preferred Parking).

Valet parking is different as you pay depending on how long you keep your car parked. The various rates are below:

Standard Valet Parking Rates

  • First 2 Hours: $25 
  • After 2 Hours: $45

Prices With Validation from CityWalk Full-Service (table service) Restaurant

  • 0 - 2.5 Hours: $10
  • 2.5 - 3.5 Hours: $15
  • 3.5 Hours: $45 

Valet Parking Explained

Valet Parking is located on the ground floor of the Jurassic Park garage which almost right in the middle of CityWalk and right below CityFood.

You will spend much less time walking compared to the E.T. and Curious George Garages and will be able to hand off your keys to an attendant and be on your way to your destination! 

jurassic park garage at universal studios hollywood

No need to remember your parking spot, wait for an elevator or traverse through the parking garage! 

Depending on the time of day and how busy the parks are Preferred Parking might be closer to the main entrance of Universal Studios than Valet Parking.

When the parks are busy or if it's later in the day many Preferred Parking spots are further away from the main entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood than Valet Parking.

Valet Parking is always a great choice for anyone who wants to grab a meal at Universal CityWalk Hollywood and doesn't want to bother with the sometimes cumbersome parking garages. You're dropping your car off at a central location that is close to just about everything at CityWalk. 

Valet Parking vs Self Parking Options

Separate from Valet Parking are the three self-parking options at Universal Studios Hollywood: General Parking, Preferred Parking and Front Gate Parking.

universal studios hollywood parking garage

The critical difference between Valet Parking and self parking is of course you'll be responsible for remembering where you parked your car and finding it at the end of your visit. The parking garages at Universal Studios are generally easy to navigate, but the many different garages, floors and locations may be confusing for some. 

TIP: Check out our guides for General ParkingPreferred Parking and Front Gate Parking to learn more about self parking options.

If you're visiting Universal Studios then Front Gate Parking is king in terms of proximity to the main entrance.

Preferred Parking will be a toss up depending on how early in the day you visit and how many spots are remaining when comparing walking distance vs Valet Parking. 

TIP: If you're specifically visiting Universal CityWalk then Valet Parking will always be your best option in terms of walking distance and convenience. 

Using Valet Parking When Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood

Valet Parking is great if you want to hand your keys over to a Universal Studios employee and be off on your way to the parks. It's a great way to really get your day started fast and worry free.

You'll have about a five minute walk to the front entrance of the park from Valet Parking which isn't bad at all and of course at the end of the day you won't have to hunt down your car in a parking garage.

front gate parking at Universal Studios Hollywood

Something to keep in mind is that Front Gate Parking is actually much closer to the main entrance of Universal Studios Hollywood than Valet Parking and the parking lot is relatively small as well.

TIP: If Front Gate Parking isn't sold out for the day and you want ultimate convenience when visiting Universal than we definitely recommend going with Front Gate Parking. You're just a minute or two from the main entrance and the small parking lot won't leave you spending much time searching for your car at the end of the night

Using Valet Parking When Visiting Universal CityWalk Hollywood

Valet Parking when visiting CityWalk truly can't be beat. The drop off location is smack in the middle of CityWalk and near some of the most popular dining locations as well as right across from the movie theatre. 

If CityWalk is your primary destination when visiting the Universal Studios Hollywood Resort and you don't mind splurging for parking then Valet is the way to go. When you arrive at the parking toll booths just let them know you'd like to purchase Valet Parking and you'll quickly be on your way to the parks after a very short drive!