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2024 Six Flags Refillable Bottles Guide: Know Before You Go

Refillable Bottles are one of the most underrated ways to stay hydrated at an affordable cost during your Six Flags visit.

In this page, we will explain how much the Refillable Cups at Six Flags cost, what the cup allows you to do, the differences between cups, and where you can buy them.

    How Much Are the Refillable Bottles at Six Flags?

    The Refillable Bottles can cost between $19.99 and $34.99, depending on which bottle you choose.

    six flags refillable bottles price

    This year the All-Season bottles come in an orange bottle while the All-Day bottles are in a green bottle.

    The All Day Drink Bottle can only be used for 1 visit (and requires a valid admission ticket), while the All Season requires a Six Flags Season Pass and can be used for the entire season.

    line to purchase six flags refillable bottle

    What is An All Season Drink Bottle?

    The All Season Drink Bottle allows you to refill your drinks an unlimited amount of times for the entire season.

    six flags all season drink bottle

    Both bottles can be purchased in person at the park at any participating locations that vary by park, however, there are signs all over the park that will state which locations.

    You can also purchase these bottles directly at the Six Flags park from the Six Flags website.

    In general, the below locations will offer Refillable Bottles:

    • Plaza Cafe
    • Funnel Cake Factory
    • Katy's Kettle
    • Soda Springs
    • Wascal's
    • Big Belly Burger
    • Teen Titan Tower Pizza
    • Ace O' Clubs

    What is An All Day Drink Bottle? 

    The All-Day Drink Bottle gives you unlimited soft drinks for the length of your visit.

    six flags all season bottle and six flags all day bottle

    It can be distinguished from other bottles, as it'll be in the color green.

    The unique feature of this bottle is that you can bring it back to the park on any future visits for that season and refill it for $1.99 (instead of paying the full price of a smaller drink).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can You Use Six Flags Cups From Previous Years?

    No, you can't use Six Flags cups from previous years or previous seasons. Six Flags normally gives out different colored cups for each season.

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