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Six Flags Magic Mountain's Season Pass Guide: All You Need to Know

A Season Pass is an extremely popular pass at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

In this page, we'll explain what a Six Flags Season Pass is, the differences between the various season passes, what perks they offer, how you can pay for it, and where to buy it.

What is a Six Flags Magic Mountain Season Pass?

A Six Flags Magic Mountain Season Pass allows a Pass Holder to visit the park and associated water park an unlimited number of times throughout the season 2023-2024 on all days that are open to the public.

A Magic Mountain Season Pass lasts from 2023 through 12/29/24.

six flags park

Season Pass Benefits will vary depending on which pass you purchase, however they all include:

  • Free Parking For the Season
  • Skip the Line Passes
  • 15% Discounts On Food and Merchandise
  • 2 Specialty Rate Tickets
  • 1 Skip the Line Pass

Types of Season Passes Offered

There are two types of Season Passes at Six Flags Magic Mountain:

  1. Platinum Season Pass
  2. Diamond Season Pass

    The Platinum Pass allows visitors unlimited visits to one Six Flags park while the Diamond Pass provides visitors with access to all Six Flags locations.


      six flags platinum pass

      The Platinum Pass is perfect for visitors who want to visit the Magic Mountain and its waterpark for the entire season without worrying about paying for parking, and while enjoying a few specialty rate tickets and passes.

      Platinum Pass benefits include:

      • Unlimited visits to Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor Los Angeles through 12/29/24
      • Free General Parking
      • 1 Skip the Line Pass
      • 2 Specialty Rate Friend Tickets
      • 15% Food and Merchandise Discounts 

      2. DIAMOND PASS 

      six flags diamond pass

      The Diamond Pass allows visitors to have all their Diamond Pass perks at every Six Flags park.

      Diamond Pass benefits include:

      • Unlimited visits to all Six Flags Parks and Water Parks through 12/29/24
      • Free Preferred Parking
      • Access to the VIP Entrance
      • 4 Skip the Line Passes
      • 5 Specialty Rate Tickets
      • Season Drink Bottle
      • 50% Off Cabanas During the Week
      • 20% Off Food and Merchandise
      • Access to the VIP Lounge
      • 50% off Magic Mountain's Flash Pass

      It's important to know that after purchasing a Diamond Season Pass, you must visit the park/waterpark location that you bought it from before you can use it at any other location.

      This means once you've purchased your Diamond Pass from Magic Mountain, you'll need to visit and use your Diamond Pass at Magic Mountain or Hurricane Harbor Los Angeles first, before being able to use it at another location.


          You can purchase your Six Flags Season Pass in full or with a payment plan directly from the Six Flags site, the Six Flags app, or in person at the park.

          Spread Out Your Season Pass Payments Over Several Months

          six flags season pass monthly payment plan

          Six Flags offers the FlexiblePay payment options which allows visitors to spread their Season Pass Payments over 6 months, rather than needing to pay it all at once.

          How FlexiblePay works:

          • Pay a 1 Time Initial Fee at Check Out
          • Pay 5 Fixed Monthly Payments Starting the Next Month After Your Initial Fee Was Paid 
          • For Example:
            • Month 1 = $20 Initial Fee
            • Month 2-6 = $17 Monthly Payment

          If later on you decide that you'd rather pay the balance off in full, you can also do so through their payment portal.

          Pay Your Six Flags Season Pass in Full

          FlexiblePay isn't the only option, however, as you can also choose to pay the full price instead.

          how to pay for six flags season pass

          You'll simply select 'I would like to pay for my Season Pass in full today' and you'll simply review the total amount and checkout (rather than review the monthly payment schedule and agree to those terms).


          upgrade options to six flags season pass

          During checkout, you will be given the option to upgrade your pass with a variety of options (that will also last for the entire season) including:

          • Season Flash Pass - Skip the line for your favorite rides
          • Speedy Parking - Skip the Regular Parking Lines
          • Season Dining Plan - Grab meals from your favorite restaurants throughout the day
          • Season Drink Bottle - A Giant Refillable Cup at the park
          • Season Photo Pass - Ride photos, character meet & greets, front gate images, and more


          If you're planning on visiting the park at least 2 times in a season, a Season Pass may be a good option for you, as a Platinum Season Pass pays for itself in under 2 (daily ticket) visits. 

            Can I Use My Season Pass at Any Six Flags Park?

            If you've purchased a Diamond Season Pass, you'll have access to all Six Flags locations.


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