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Six Flags vs Disneyland? | How to Choose

There are many fantastic parks that can be found in Southern California, and sometimes it can be hard to choose which one to go to.

In this page, we will cover the differences between Six Flags vs Disneyland, what each park offers, how the pricing is different, and how to choose which park will be better for you.

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Six Flags vs Disneyland

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain is known as the 'Thrill Capital of the World' featuring an enormous amount of rides (100+), games and attractions.

six flags magic mountain rides

Additionally, Magic Mountain also has amazing rides for adventurous kids.


Disneyland is also known for their world class, yet Disney-themed rides but also has shows, and does a great job appealing to kids through kid-friendly play areas, rides and different activities.

Disneyland also conveniently offers California Adventure (feet away from the Disneyland entrance), which allows visitors to 'park hop' and visit multiple parks in one day.

disneyland cars area


Luckily for guests, Disneyland and Magic Mountain are both open every day of the year.


Six Flags will always be cheaper than Disneyland.

Disneyland can be twice as expensive as Magic Mountain, especially if you decide to add on California Adventure to your visit.

Size of the Parks

  • 262 Acres - Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • 100 acres - Disneyland


For those thrill seekers looking for amazingly fast rides that can get your adrenaline going, Six Flags is the way to go.

There are plenty of great rides for both kids and adults, but you should be aware that this is the main reason why visitors come to the park. 

For a more complete theme park, that also features themed areas such as Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, shows & parades, you'll lean towards Disneyland.

disneyland galaxys edge

It ultimately comes down to preference.

I have friends who are huge thrill-seekers who absolutely love going to Six Flags Magic Mountain, and soaking up as many rides as they can in one day.

On the other-hand as much as I love great roller coasters, I prefer Disneyland due to how many different things there are to do, the different themed rides, as well as the ultra popular Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge area.

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