5 Best Six Flags Magic Mountain Kid Rides | Easily Explained

In this guide we will list out the best kid rides that Six Flags Magic Mountain offers, how each one is unique, and the areas that you'll specifically want to visit.

speedy gonzalez magic mountain

Table of Contents

  1. Speedy Gonzalez
  2. Sylvester's Bounce and Pounce
  3. Whistlestop Train
  4. Yosemite Sam's Flight School
  5. Tweety's Escape

    Bugs Bunny World

    If you're traveling with kids, the first place that you should take them is Bugs Bunny World. It is a children's play area that features 12 rides specifically tailored for kids and families, a theater, shops, and even a restaurant.

    Fun Fact

    During Halloween, Bugs Bunny and friends dress up and even bring along special activities and crafts that all of the kids can enjoy.

    1. Speedy Gonzalez Hot Rod Racers

    A true mini-roller coaster ride that features a climb, a (small) drop, 180 degree turns, and even a sudden stop before making the second lap.

    This mini coaster is perfect for future thrill-seekers, who are not tall enough to ride the real coasters yet.

    Riders will pass by a gas station, and a desert area full of cactuses as they speed their way through the track.

    Two riders can fit in each car, and there are 6 cars per ride.

    2. Sylvester's Bounce and Pounce

    This is easily one of the most popular rides for kids, as it brings along tons of joy and laughter.

    This 20 foot tower ride only goes up and down, but while going up/down kids will feel Sylvester pouncing above them, which will cause them to immediately bounce.

    This is a little on the 'rougher' side of kid rides, so if your child is the adventurous type, this is a must-do.

    Kids are able to hold on to the lap bar, or if they're feeling courageous they can put their hands straight up into the air!

    sylvesters bounce and pounce

    3. Whistlestop Train

    Choo Choo! Take a ride on the train in the kid sized playground, while you navigate through train-lines, depot and even the gift shop.

    This slow speed train ride is a perfect way to sightsee with the kiddos.

    It's a perfect bonding experience as the kids will be entertained with the different views, while at the same time the parents will be able to point certain things out that they may have missed, and provide some insight. 

    Train rides become less common as technology advances, so this type of ride will certainly be a unique experience.

    whistlestop train magic mountain

    4. Yosemite Sam's Flight School

    Hop on your airplane and get ready to fly! This children's airplane ride will have all of the special effects that matter, such as sounds of the engines starting, and the propellers turning.

    Riders will spin in a circle while changing elevation, going up and down throughout the ride.

    This is an absolute must for your kids to ride.

    There are two rows on the plane, so you can decide if you'd like to sit next to your child, or let them 'solo it up' while you relax from the back seat.

    yosemite sams flight school magic mountain

    5. Tweety's Escape

    If you've ever watched Looney Tunes, you know that Tweety was notorious for staying away from Sylvester, by staying inside of her ultra safe bird cage.

    In this ride, kids will actually be able to enter the giant child-sized bird cage and spin around mimicking Tweety's escape from Sylvester.

    Kids will enjoy the thrills as they can decide to stand up and hold on, or even just sit down and enjoy the ride.

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