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5 Best San Diego Zoo Rides | Easily Explained

When most people think of zoo, they just think of just being able to walk around and see dozens of amazing animals in one park.

However, most people don't know that there are actually several San Diego Zoo Rides!

In this page, we'll go over the best rides that this zoo offers.

Table of Contents

  1. Skyfari Aerial Tram
  2. Guided Bus Tour
  3. Balboa Park Miniature Train
  4. 4D Theater
  5. Kangaroo Bus

Skyfari Aerial Tram

Hop on and enjoy amazing aerial views over the zoo and the surrounding area of Balboa Park.

This Skyfari ride is a cable car that connects Front Street to Northern Frontier. Riders can ride the car back and forth. 

Why Ride This?

Other than the amazing views, it's actually a massive shortcut!

You'll be able to save your feet from some walking, and enjoy a scenic ride with a unique aerial view.

This ride is included with admission.

2. Guided Bus Tour

A roundtrip 35 minute bus tour, that is narrated by a tour guide throughout the trip, giving visitors the best educational experience.

Bus Tour Design

A cool feature of this bus is that it is a 2 story open-air bus. This gives visitors the ultimate 'safari experience', along with a nice breeze through the ride.

What to Expect in This Ride

With this tour, you'll be able to see different animals in a way that you can't just through walking.

These friendly tour guides will explain the background of animals, their day to day habits, what they like to eat and some fun facts.

This tour is a great way to sit back and relax after an entire day of walking, and a great way to cool off with the kiddos as well.

3. Balboa Park Miniature Train

This miniature train is an all time classic. Built in 1948, this 4 minute ride takes visitors through 4 acres of Balboa Park.

This train ride is located just outside of the exit of the zoo.

Something else that makes it a unique ride is that there are less than 50 operating ones of this kind remaining.

It's just an overall great ride that kids and parents can enjoy together.

4. 4D Theater

Did you know there's actually a 4D theater where you can watch Mowgli and friends tackle different threats?

Put on your 4D glasses and take part in the 10 minute action adventure through their exciting story.

4d theater san diego zoo

Something to note is there will be limited seating due to Covid-19 precautions.

The cost is $7 and it is shown daily.

5. Kangaroo Bus

Sporting a similar bus design to the Guided Bus Tour, the Kangaroo bus is a little bit different in terms of experience.

It is a non-narrated ride that is actually a transportation service where you can get off at 4 different stops around the zoo grounds.

kangaroo bus san diego zoo

This means that you'll still see scenic views throughout the ride in between the different stops that are covered.

Any time that you see a yellow kangaroo sign around the zoo, it means that it's a designated stop and a bus will make its rounds to pick visitors up shortly.

It runs from 10:30 am - Close.

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