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Camping at the San Diego Zoo: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that you can stay after hours and camp for the night at the San Diego Zoo Safari park? It is called the Roar and Snore Safari.

In this guide we will explain what's included in your night of camping, where you'll sleep, and what animals you can expect to see after-hours.

vista tent san diego zoo camping

    What is Included?

    Where You'll Sleep

    For normal booking, tent accommodations will be provided, and inside the tent you'll find several cots as well as sleeping pads.

    Premium tents are also available which include a queen bed with pillows, linens, cots, sleeping bags, a fan and a space heater.

    premium tent san diego zoo camping


    Dinner, breakfast and S'mores will be provided, and a bar is also available for visitors of ages 21+.

    Up Close Animal Encounter

    Visitors will be able to see and interact with certain animals for the night, as the handler will give fun facts about the animals such as where they're from, what their behavior is like, and what they enjoy eating.

    Walking Tour

    Visitors will be able to walk around after hours and see animals feeding in their natural state such as giraffes & elephants.

    san diego zoo camping giraffe

    You wont appreciate how big and gentle these animals are until you see them in person.

    Night Noises

    One thing that you should be prepared for is hearing these wild animals making noises at night.

    Lions will often roar in the middle of the night and wake visitors up. This can be both fascinating and terrifying to hear the first time!

    Camping Available Days & Hours

    Camping days are normally available on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday, from 4:15 pm to 9 am the next day.

    camping hours

    Camping Age Groups

    There are four types of 'programs' that Roar and Snore offers, and depending on which one you choose, they'll tailor the experience towards that program for the night.

    You'll also be grouped up with others of the same program to maintain a consistent and fun experience.

    All Ages

    No age group, this is essentially the 'Family Group'

    all ages roar and snore

    Adults only

    Ages 21+.

    adults only roar and snore

    Girl Scouts

    Designed for girls scouts ages 5+ as well as their troop leader or adult chaperone.

    girl scouts roar and snore

    School Nights - Grades 3-12 with adults.

    Designed for school groups (3rd grade - 12th grade) and adults chaperones, this occurs on Thursdays.

    What You Should Bring

    • Safari Park admission ticket
    • Appropriate clothing
    • Sleeping bag and pillow (unless you're staying in the premium tent)
    • Toiletries
    • Flashlight
    • Medications
    • Identification (Such as Driver's license)

    You can find more information with their camping safari guest information PDF.

    san diego zoo camping giraffe

    Wearing the Proper Attire

    Camping is an all-weather event which means you should be prepared for all weather conditions.

    Generally, closed-toed shoes, overnight clothing, and clothes for the next morning are the minimum that you should bring.

    If you're someone who gets cold easily, consider bringing an extra jacket and/or blanket.

    Make sure to check your weather app ahead of time to get a good idea of what the weather will be.

    How to Make Reservations

    You will have to call them directly at 619-718-3000. You can find more information on the San Diego Zoo Safari park site.

    Overall Roar and Snore Review

    Roar and Snore is a fantastic experience that will expose you to a true night in the wild. There aren't many other places in the planet where you can hear lions roaring in the middle of the night. Whether you're going with a group of friends, or your family, it's a unique bonding experience that you'll remember for a lifetime.

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