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san diego zoo koala

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 An Unforgettable Experience

One of the most popular theme parks in the world (for good reason), the San Diego Zoo is a must-see experience located in Southern California.

The 100 acre park features over 4,000 animals including Hippos, Giraffes, Lions, Flamingos, Koalas and even Polar Bears!

This San Diego park is something everyone of all ages will enjoy. This is the perfect spot to create amazing memories with loved ones that will last a lifetime! 

san diego zoo koala

Fun Fact: The largest Koala Colony outside of Australia resides in the San Diego Zoo

History of The San Diego Zoo - Why Visit

This renowned zoo was actually the pioneer of creating exhibits without cages. How was this able to be accomplished?

 They key was (and still is), moated exhibits. Moated exhibits allowed everyone to see that it was possible to have animals roaming around outside in a safe environment.

This safe environment wasn't only for the animal however, as the visitors would be safe as well. 

The first exhibit of this kind was opened in 1922 for lions! Prior to this, all zoo animals were kept in cages.

Today, the animals' habitats are designed by zoo architects to provide the animals a similar look and feel to the wild, as well as a stimulating experience.

For example, Polar Bears are provided toys, puzzles, pools and even slides. Polar Bear plunge was tailored to provide them with this experience.

Fun Fact: Up until 1960, anyone under 16 could enter the park for free admission

San Diego Zoo For Kids

The San Diego Zoo is perfect for kids, they'll be provided with a learning experience that most people only ever see through the television. An educational experience mixed with fun!

Almost all exhibits are friendly for kids. However, we've labeled the zoo exhibits that kids will enjoy most (below) with the designated kid friendly tag.

Denny Sanford's Children Zoo is expected to be open at some point in 2021. Featuring treetops, tunnels, waterfalls and creeks, kids will be able to exercise their mind and body as they navigate through layers of fun. 

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Wildlife Park & Exhibits

Polar Plunge - Kid Friendly

The main viewing area offers views of the polar bears on both land and underwater. This means that you will still be able to keep track of them when they move around (which is often not the case in other zoos).

If you are one of the few lucky ones, you will be by the window when the bear feels like making your day and begins swimming right in front of you.

Make sure you stay for the faux polar bear den! Kids are also able to enjoy the den as they crawl around and explore through the polar bear habitat. This area of the zoo is very popular with kids.

polar bear san diego zoo

Bird Aviaries - Kid Friendly

Buckle up, things are about to get loud! A multitude of beautiful and exotic birds reside here.

The first thing you'll notice when you're nearing by is how noisy the birds are as they communicate to one another as well as do their mating calls.

The Owens aviary in particular stands out as although it is enclosed, it maintains the wild look and feel as well as light coming into the enclosure.

Africa Rocks - Kid Friendly - New Exhibit

African wildlife contains some of the most exotic animals in the world. Meerkats are usually out and about, as well as hamadryas baboons.

If you keep a good lookout, you'll also be able to spot leopards roaming around and dwarf crocodiles soaking in the sun (per usual)!

san diego zoo leopards

Outback - Kid Friendly

Most popularly referred to as Koalafornia, this zoo exhibit is a very large space for Koalas.

Why? Research has shown how important sun light is for their health. This Australian area also features wombats, wallabies and many others.

Tasmanian devils also reside here, which is a huge deal as they were the first American Zoo to do so in 2013.

koala san diego zoo

Ituri Forest

This zoo exhibit houses animals from Central Africa's rainforests. The path covers several different species of animals including black duikers, okapi, hippos, several bird species, African Forest Buffalos and more! Near the end of the exhibit you'll cross over a bridge containing otters prior to the path rejoining the rest of the zoo.

san diego zoo hippos

Discovery Outpost - Kid Friendly

Located near the entrance of the zoo, this exhibit includes the reptile house, the hummingbird aviary, insect house and a petting zoo.

That's right, a petting zoo! During your visit you can have up and close interactions with the animals.

West African Forest

Featuring Dwarf Crocodiles, as you can tell by their name they are on the smaller side of the measuring stick. Measuring in at around 5 feet, don't let your guard down, stay enough away, they're still crocodiles!

Cape Fynbos

These African Penguins are known to steal the show. Native to South Africa, this endangered species' habitat features a pool containing 200,000+ gallons of water. They also happen to share their habitat with Leopard Sharks.

Have no fear though, these sharks feed on crustaceans and pose no threat to the penguins.

Absolutely Apes - Kid Friendly

This 8,400 square foot zoo exhibit houses Sumatran Orangutans and Siamangs. Artificial trees (allowing them to swing), sway poles and a fake termite mound.

The viewing window for visitors also contain mini sway poles for kids, they are able to swing while keeping the apes in sight! Make sure you take a moment to make a stop here during your visit.

orangutan san diego zoo

Gorilla Tropics

An 8,000 square foot enclosure that simulates the rain forests of Central Africa. This zoo exhibit includes waterfalls and tropical plants, and of course western lowland gorillas.

Elephant Odyssey - Kid Friendly

Containing both the Asian and African Elephants, this is one of the most popular sights inside the park. These smart animals are a pleasure to see and to be around.

Monkey Trails and Forest Tales - Kid Friendly

These extremely social animals are always entertaining to visit. Watch them interact with one another, and even how they interact with visitors (from a distance).

Several types of monkeys reside here including spot nosed monkeys, colobus monkeys, and capuchin monkeys. This is one of the most popular exhibits in the zoo.

San Diego Zoo Tickets

Ethiopian Highlands

Two primate species live here: Hamadryas baboon and the gelada. The San Diego Zoo is the second zoo in North America to possess geladas in their park. 

Madagascar Forest

Lemurs! Lemurs! And More Lemurs. This zoo exhibit houses various types of lemurs including red ruffed lemurs, ring tailed lemurs, collared brown lemurs, and blue eyed black lemurs.

Acacia Woodland

This zoo exhibit features Amur leopards, vervet monkeys and an aviary. Amur leopards are extremely endangered as there are about 60 left in the wild, which makes them a popular attraction at the San Diego Zoo.

Sun Bear Forest

The $3.5 million zoo exhibit features Bornean Sun Bears and Silvered Leaf Monkeys.


Also known as Pygmy chimps, Bonobos have been a part of the park since 1960.

Urban Jungle

Contains animals including Indian Rhinos, Red Kangaroos, Flamingos, Red river hogs, camels, Giraffes and red river hogs!

san diego zoo flamingos

san diego zoo giraffe feeding

Panda Canyon

The Panda exhibit is no longer in operation as of 2019.

Guided Tour Bus


Due to Covid-19, these programs are currently paused.

Renowned Zoo Educators lead the bus tour providing up and close animals encounters and countless of interesting information about the animals and their habitats throughout the duration of the tour. This interactive tour will give you, your family, and even classmates the best experience during your visit. On top of all of that, you minimize walking. Make sure to look both ways!

san diego zoo guided bus tour

Guided Tours can be 1-3 hours depending on which one you choose, so prepare accordingly.


Critter Coverings: 45 - 55 minutes

Wildlife Conservancy Tour: 1 hour

Inside Story Tour: 2 hours

san diego zoo guided bus tour

Operating Hours - Day

9 AM - 8 PM. San Diego Zoo is open every day of the year including holidays.

Zoo Entry Wait Time

There are mandatory health screenings and social distancing protocols and due to this there may be additional wait times to ensure safety during your visit.

Weekday Average Wait Time: ~30 minutes

Weekend Average Wait Time: ~45 minutes


2920 Zoo Drive, San Diego, CA 92101

Discount Tickets to San Diego Zoo


If you've made it this far, you should first give yourself a pat on the back, you've earned it. You now understand why this park has some of the highest ratings in the world. You also now know everything to make an informed decision on what the San Diego Zoo offers, when to go, and how to save money to maximize your opportunity on deals. So what're you waiting for? Take advantage of our discounts and Buy your Tickets now! (All visitors 3 years of age and up require a ticket) Use the code below to save $5 off a San Diego Zoo 1 Day Pass or a San Diego Zoo 2 Day Pass!

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