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5 Easy Ways of How to Stay Cool at a Theme Park

When you spend hours at a theme park, you'll quickly realize that it's very easy to sweat and get hot.

In this page, we will explain our best tips on how to stay cool at a theme park.

Table of Contents

  1. Use a Portable Fan
  2. Purchase a Refillable Cup
  3. Purchase a Fast Pass
  4. Use Cooling Towels
  5. Step Into Restaurants/Shows

    1. Use a Portable Fan

    There are a few types of portable fans, but our favorites are the portable handheld mist fan, and the portable neck fan.

    These items are very affordable, lightweight work immediately, are easy to carry around, and later put away.

    It ultimately comes down to preference.

    Portable Handheld Mist Fan

    The portable handheld mist fan will allow you to carry it with your hand, and point it at any part of you that needs to cool off the most.

    portable handheld mist fan


    • Lightweight
    • Easy to Store
    • Works immediately
    • Can cool down other people
    • Can be charged with a USB-C cord


    • You'll have to constantly move the fan around to cool you off

    Portable Neck Fan

    The portable neck fan is hands-free, and you can simply turn it on and forget about it, while you cool down in the process.

    portable neck fan


    • Hands-free- You can simply place it around your neck/on your shoulders and 'set and forget it
    • Works immediately
    • Adjustable to get different angles of airflow
    • Has 2 fans


    • It'll only cool down your face/head/neck area

    2. Purchase a Refillable Cup

    Many theme parks have Refillable Cups that allow you to purchase a giant cup to drink soft drinks, and use that same cup for the day or season (depending on which you purchase), without needing to pay for a brand-new drink every time.

    Refillable cups can cost between $15 - $35, depending on which bottle you choose, and which theme park you are at.

    These Refillable bottles can be purchased directly from the theme park's website.

    all season souvenir bottle six flags

    3. Invest in a Fast Lane Pass

    Something that many guests don't account for when it comes to heat, is how hot it can get when waiting in lines at a theme park.

    Fast Lane Pass provides visitors access to a separate and quicker line for the most popular rides.

    Most theme parks (almost all of the large ones) have their own version of their Fast Pass:

    The list goes on forever.

    The point is that if you want to skip waiting in lines, every major park offers a fast pass at an additional cost.

    How These Cut the Line Passes Work

    After you've purchased your type of fast pass, you'll be allowed access to a different (and faster) entrance.

    The entrance will either lead to a different line or allow you to cut the regular line.

    flash pass entrance

    An employee will scan your fast pass to confirm your reservation (some parks simply give out wristbands), and then you can enjoy your ride with little to no wait time.

    This essentially acts as a fast pass for the parks, as you'll spend less time waiting in lines, and more time riding the actual rides.

    4. Use Cooling Towels

    There are two types of towels to bring to a theme park.

    • To Cool Off
    • To Dry Off

     Cooling Towels have exploded in popularity over the last few years, as guests can use these to quickly cool off on a hot day. 

    cooling towels


    These towels hold 8 times more water than a regular towel and use evaporation technology to cool the user off.

    Most guests will use these towels on their necks, heads, and arms to quickly cool off.

    5. Step Into Restaurants/Shows

    When you take a break to grab a bite to eat, make sure that you are doing so at a restaurant with indoor seating.

    This will provide you with an easy way to cool off and get away from the sun while refueling.

    Another alternative is to simply plan to visit (indoor) shows at the hottest time of the day.

    Shows are a great way to get off of your feet after miles of walking, and a great change of pace for the day.

    Additionally, you'll want to know the best clothes to wear to a theme park.

    Wearing the wrong clothes can massively affect your day.

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