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Can Florida Residents Buy Disney Tickets For Family?

If you live in the state of Florida, you're able to purchase a Florida Resident Disney World ticket for yourself at a discounted price.

But how does it work if you want to purchase a ticket for others?

In this page, we will explain if Florida Residents can buy Disney Tickets for their family.

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Can Florida Residents Buy Disney Tickets For Family?

You are able to purchase Florida Resident tickets for family members, however the family members must also live in Florida.

If they don't live in the state of Florida themselves, they will not qualify for the Florida Resident passes.

my disney experience app


If they are of ages 18 and older, they'll have to show their own proof of residency.

If the family members are under the age of 18, the adult purchasing the pass will have to show his/her proof of residence.

How Do I Show Proof of Residency?

There's two ways to show proof of residency:

  1. Online through the My Disney Experience app
  2. In person through Will Call

Online Through the App is by far the easiest way to book your tickets for you and your family, as you'll be able to:

  • Select the tickets
  • Select the day for your reservation
  • Input every visitor's information
  • Input your billing information
  • Receive tickets via email

florida resident information for tickets

If you decide to do it in person, you'll have to wait in the Will Call line, which will cost you time away from experiencing the actual park.

We recommend doing everything online, that way you can walk right into the theme park without any unnecessary hassles.

Skip the Line By Verifying Residency Online

When you purchase your tickets online, you'll also be able to verify your Florida Residency online via the app.

Disney World uses to verify your residence pre-arrival. 

florida resident validation

You'll simply need to input your personal information, and you'll be verified within moments.

If for some reason, your residency (or a family member's) isn't able to be verified, you'll have to do so in person at Will Call.

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