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Why Do Theme Parks Make You Tired? | Explained

Have you ever visited a theme park and felt exhausted before even getting home?

You're not the only one.

In this page, we will explain why theme parks make you tired, and what steps you can take to avoid being fatigued at the park.

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Why Do Theme Parks Make You Tired?

Theme parks can quickly fatigue you due to a combination of being out in the sun, walking several miles throughout the day, waiting in line for rides and shows, and the adrenaline rush that rides can provide.

why do theme parks make you tired


Every one of these factors can sneak up on you during your visit, but luckily there are steps that you can take to minimize those effects.

Tips to Avoid Fatigue at a Theme Park 

Don't Try to Do Everything in a Day

The number one mistake that theme park visitors make is they try to fit everything they can into their one-day itinerary.

This leads to very few (if any) breaks, constant fast-paced walking around the park, and non-stop movement.

By the time these visitors are halfway through their itinerary, they're exhausted.

It's perfectly fine to spread your visit out over several days.

theme park roller coaster ride

It's cheaper on a day-for-day value basis to book a multi-day ticket. 

You'll notice that theme park pricing provides larger discounts/benefits the more (consecutive) days that you visit. 

Spreading your plans out throughout multiple days will allow you to better 'soak up' the moment/experience, and better enjoy your day with less stress.

Additionally, your feet will thank you for spreading out the walking into multiple days.

Know What to Bring

Knowing how to properly stay cool at a theme park can save you so much time, and help you avoid headaches trying to figure everything out on the fly.

Portable Neck Fan

The portable neck fan is hands-free, and you can simply turn it on and forget about it, while you cool down in the process.


portable neck fan



  • Hands-free- You can simply place it around your neck/on your shoulders and 'set and forget it
  • Works immediately
  • Adjustable to get different angles of airflow
  • Has 2 fans


  • It'll only cool down your face/head/neck area


If you're carrying more than just a phone, wallet, and keys, you'll likely need something else to store your valuables in.

The Herschel Classic Backpack is perfect for theme parks, as has plenty of space inside to fit valuables, is lightweight, has slim shoulder straps, and will fit in theme park lockers.


herschel classic backpack


You can choose from four different sizes.

The Mini 9.0L is perfect if you just have a few more items that you want to carry around such as snacks, water bottles, ponchos, and small umbrellas.

If you're planning on carrying anything more than that, you'll want to go a size up.

Be aware that if you take a backpack to a theme park, it will most likely be inspected before entry, and you will have to store it in lockers for many rides.

Buy a Fast Pass 

Something that many guests don't account for when it comes to heat, is how hot it can get when waiting in lines at a theme park.

Fast Pass provides visitors access to a separate and quicker line for the most popular rides.

Most theme parks (almost all of the large ones) have their version of their Fast Pass:

For example, Busch Gardens and SeaWorld have a Quick Queue pass, and Six Flags has a Flash Pass.

The list goes on forever.

You'll want to consider this type of pass for the park that you're visiting.

Know the Best Outfits to Wear

You'll want to dress comfortably but with a hint of athleticism.

Light clothing will go a long way in enduring an entire day of walking, sweating, and possibly even getting wet (from the rain or water parks).

We've created an entire list of the best amusement park outfits to wear.

Eat Indoors During Your Break

When you take a break to grab a bite to eat, make sure that you are doing so at a restaurant with indoor seating.

This will provide you with an easy way to cool off, and an opportunity to get away from the sun while refueling.

Shows are a great way to get off of your feet after miles of walking and a great change of pace for the day.

The veteran theme park visitors will purposefully plan to eat at the hottest time of the day, to perfectly time when to get away from the heat.

If you plan to do this, you'll want to ensure that you've set up a reservation at a restaurant ahead of time.

If they don't take reservations, you may need to account for needing to get to the restaurant about 30-40 minutes earlier to account for any waits.

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