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Does T-Rex Cafe Take Disney Gift Cards? | Explained

Disney gift cards can be used for the majority of Disney properties, but can they be used at the T-Rex Cafe?

In this page, we will explain if T-Rex Cafe accepts Disney gift cards as a form of payment, and if so, how to pay using your Disney gift card.

    Does T-Rex Cafe Take Disney Gift Cards?

    T-Rex Cafe does accept Disney gift cards as a form of payment at their restaurant.

    Additionally, the Build-a-Dino store, which is located inside the T-Rex Cafe (at the entrance on the right-hand side) also accepts Disney gift cards.

    disney gift card

    This means that you'll be able to use your Disney gift card to pay for your food, drinks, and customized dinosaur stuffed animal during your visit.

    Almost all stores and restaurants at Disney Springs accept Disney gift cards.

    t rex cafe build a dino workshop

    How to Pay Using Your Disney Gift Card

    You'll pay exactly how you would with any other credit or debit card.

    After you've finished eating at the restaurant, you'll place your Disney gift card with the receipt that your server has provided you.

    If you're using it at the Build-a-Dino workshop, you'll simply hand them your card (or swipe yourself), to purchase your dinosaur.


    If you're looking to give someone a gift of a lifetime, but aren't sure exactly what to purchase, let them choose!

    You can purchase a Disney Gift card directly from the Disney site.

    From this site, you'll be able to deliver the gift card by email or mail with free shipping included.

    Gift Card Dollar Amount

    Gift cards must be a minimum of $25 and can be a maximum of $500.

    Check Balance

    Those who receive gift cards can also check the balance of their gift cards directly from the Disney site.

    T-Rex Cafe Offers Gift Cards of Their Own

    A little-known fact about T-Rex Cafe is that they also offer gift cards of their own.

    t rex cafe entrance

    If you enjoyed your experience and want to share it with someone else, you can purchase a gift card for this restaurant online.

    There are two types of gift cards, a traditional gift card is a physical card that you can hold (and will be shipped).

    There's also an e-gift card, that you can simply send and receive through email. 

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