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Disneyland Esplanade | Fireworks, Music & Location!

The Disneyland Esplanade is a confusing name for a very common place we've all been to before when visiting Disneyland or California Adventure!

In this guide, we'll explain what exactly the Disneyland Esplanade is, as well as some fun facts and little known tips about the esplanade and why it's such a talked about place!

Questions We'll Answer About The Disneyland Esplanade:

  • What Is The Disneyland Esplanade?
  • Where Is The Disneyland Esplanade Located?
  • Can You See The Fireworks From The Disneyland Esplanade?
  • What Music Is Playing At The Disneyland Esplanade?
  • What Can You Buy At The Disneyland Esplanade?

 Main Street Railroad Station

What Is The Disneyland Esplanade?

The Disneyland Esplanade is the area of space between Disneyland's main entrance and California Adventure's main entrance.

It's easy to recognize when you've arrived at the esplanade as you'll be in the middle of what is essentially a big, open space between the entrance of the two parks. 

If you're arriving from the shuttle drop-off area, you'll enter the esplanade right after you pass through security. 

Jungle Cruise Ride Entrance

If you're entering Downtown Disney from the resort hotels or parking garages, you will enter the esplanade just as you pass by the ticket booths. 

Another way to know that you've arrived at the Disneyland Esplanade is looking down at the bricks on the ground! If you see bricks engraved with the names of family or people then you're in the esplanade! 

These bricks were sold as commemorative gifts to Disneyland as part of the theme parks 50th anniversary celebration and fill in most of the esplanade!

Where Is The Disneyland Esplanade Located?

The Disneyland Esplanade is located between the main entrances of Disneyland and California Adventure. 

You can see a bird's eye view of the Disneyland Esplanade in the map below:

 Disneyland Esplanade

Can You See The Fireworks From The Disneyland Esplanade?

Yes! The Disneyland Esplanade is actually a pretty good spot to catch the fireworks at Disneyland.

While you may miss some of the smaller, low level fireworks and other pyrotechnics, you'll still get a really great view of the show and won't miss most of the bigger fireworks.

Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Entrance

It may not be the full Disneyland fireworks experience, but watching from the Esplanade is a great way to avoid the crowds watching from inside Disneyland.

Don't expect to be the only ones doing this though! It's quite popular for a lot of folks to experience the fireworks this way and you'll see a lot of people sitting in the Disneyland Esplanade waiting for the fireworks to start about 30 minutes before showtime. 

What Music Is Playing At The Disneyland Esplanade?

There are three different sets of music that play at the Disneyland Esplanade: the Standard playlist, Holiday playlist and Halloween playlist.

Depending on the time of year you're visiting Disneyland you will hear one of these three playlists in the esplanade. 

Disneyland Ticket Booth

Because the music being played are some very popular Disney songs, a lot of folks are interested in getting a copy of the playlist. 

If you're a Spotify subscriber you can list to the "Standard playlist" here!

What Can You Buy At The Disneyland Esplanade?

Aside from being a great fireworks viewing location, the Disneyland Esplanade is actually a bit of a shopping and services locations.

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket booths just outside of the Disneyland Esplanade.

Stroller and locker rentals are also available in the esplanade on the Disneyland entrance.

You'll also find guest services on near the Disneyland entrance as well, just in case you have any issues entering the park and need some questions answered! 



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