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Disney World Luggage Storage | Policies & Best Options

If you've arrived early at Walt Disney World or have nowhere to leave your luggage while waiting for a late flight, you might be surprised to see how limited your options are at the theme parks!

Our Walt Disney World Luggage Storage Guide breaks down where you can leave your luggage at Disney World, as well as what policies you must abide by when bringing luggage into the parks!

Questions We'll Answer About Luggage Storage At Disney World:

  • Can You Store Your Luggage At Walt Disney World Theme Parks?
  • Can You Store Your Luggage At Disney Springs?
  • What Other Luggage Storage Options Are Available?

EPCOT Lockers

Can You Store Your Luggage At Walt Disney World Theme Parks?

Luggage storage like what you typically experience at a hotel isn't going to be available at any of the Walt Disney World theme parks.

If you're hoping that Guest Services or somewhere else inside a Disney World theme park will hold your luggage for you, then you're going to be disappointed!

Most large suitcases might not even make it through security. For this reason, we typically advise bringing no more than a backpack or duffle bag into the parks when it comes to luggage. 

Tree of Life Animal Kingdom

If your luggage is small enough to pass through security then your only option to store your suitcases is going to be lockers which are limited in size.

The biggest locker you'll find at any of the parks is the "Jumbo" size which measures 17" x 22" x 26" and is only available at EPCOT and Magic Kingdom.

If you'll be visiting Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios then the biggest locker size available will be 15.5" x 13" x 17".

While these lockers may be able to hold carry-on bags, there's still one big reason we don't recommend bringing your luggage into the parks...

Magic Kingdom Lockers

Limited availability! The Jumbo and Large size lockers are limited in availability, so if all of the lockers are taken by the time you arrive, then you're going to be out of luck with nowhere to store your luggage.

If possible, we always recommend keeping your luggage at your hotel or your car if you feel your luggage will be safe enough. 

Can You Store Your Luggage At Disney Springs?

Unfortunately, there are no luggage storage options available at Disney Springs. 

Unlike the Walt Disney World theme parks, Disney Springs does not have any lockers available, so you really have nowhere to store even the smallest of bags.

When it comes to bringing luggage to Disney Springs we recommend leaving your bags in your car (Disney is not responsible for any damage or theft, but we've never had issues). 

If possible, leave your luggage at your hotel before heading over to Disney Springs! 

Spaceship Earth Illuminated at night

What Other Luggage Storage Options Are Available?

The best luggage storage option at Walt Disney World is going to be at one of the resort hotels on property.

Even if you are checking out, or have yet to check in, the concierge or bell service at your hotel will store your luggage for you.

If you're not staying at any of the Disney hotels then you might have luck leaving your luggage at one of the Disney hotels or one of the Marriott, Hilton, or Hyatt properties nearby.

We recommend calling these hotels beforehand to see what options might exist and you should expect to pay a fee for these hotels to store your luggage.

Disney-owned and operated hotels are the least likely to store your luggage if you're not a guest, but you might have some luck with the partner hotels in the area.

Availability can vary from day to day, so always call in advance to see what these hotels can do for you!



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