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Best Time To Buy Luggage | Traveler's Deals & Savings Guide

If you're in no rush to purchase luggage then planning when to buy can save you some serious money!

In this Luggage Buying Guide, we'll dive into our analysis of when you can typically find the best deals and discounts to purchase new luggage. 

Questions We'll Answer About Purchasing Luggage:

  • When Is The Best Time To Buy Luggage?


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When Is The Best Time To Buy Luggage?

If you have a trip coming up in the near future then the best time to buy luggage is always going to be now!

We recommend purchasing luggage immediately if you have a trip right around the corner to give yourself time to make sure the suitcase fits all of your needs and ensure there are no issues with the bag before you leave on your trip.

Finding out a bag is damaged or too small the night before a trip can ruin your vacation! 

However, if you have time on your side, then there are two times of year that are best to take advantage of deals and sales on that luggage you've been eyeing.

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The first time of year we recommend making a luggage purchase is going to be on Black Friday or a few days later on Cyber Monday. 

Many of the most popular luggage brands are going to be participating in the massive sales you see at big box retailers. 

Deals will typically be the same on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so we wouldn't worry too much about waiting to see if a better deal comes up because you'll generally find some of the best prices all year on either day. 

Just be sure to double-check check you're actually getting a deal and do some price shopping at different retailers or directly on the luggage company's website. 

The first deal you find isn't always the best! 

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The next best time of year we recommend making a luggage purchase is going to be shortly after Christmas or New Years. 

One of the busiest times of year to travel is around Christmas and New Years. After these two major holidays however, travel takes a major dip and doesn't pick back up until spring break or closer to the summer months. 

Because of this big gap in travel, demand for luggage also drops which pushes retailers to markdown prices and run sales to create some additional demand. 

If you can hold off until right after Christmas or New Years, you'll typically find some end of season sales or even clearance specials that could result in a lot of money save on your luggage! 

While we typically see the best deals during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the post-Christmas travel period is also an excellent time to pick up some new luggage.  


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