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Best Luggage Warranties | Top 3 To Know Before You Buy!

Your luggage is going to go through a lot during your travels, so purchasing bags from a luggage brand with a great warranty can save you tons of money in repairs or replacing your bag!

Our Best Luggage Warranty Guide analyzes what you should look for in a warranty on your next luggage purchase, as well as what companies offer the best policies!

Questions We'll Answer About The Best Luggage Warranties:

  • What Should You Look For In Luggage Warranties?
  • What Companies Have The Best Luggage Warranties?


What Should You Look For In Luggage Warranties?

Warranties in general are extremely difficult to figure out just what you’re getting and luggage warranties are no exception to this.

So what should you be looking for when it comes to luggage warranties? Three types of policies in particular:

  • Lifetime Warranty 
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • 5-Year Warranty

Lifetime warranties and 10 year warranties are typically a must have when we’re evaluating what luggage to purchase, but 5 year warranties are a solid option as well when it comes to well built luggage.

Many companies also offer a 3 year or no warranty policy - all of which we recommend avoiding.

American Tourister Luggage Bag

Unless you’re looking at extremely cheap luggage (which we don’t recommend because of durability issues) you’re typically going to want to narrow down your choices to luggage with 10 year or lifetime warranties.

Most suitcases should last at a minimum of 3 to 5 years. If your luggage breaks before the 5 year point then you’ll probably find yourself spending more new suitcases instead of just buying one expensive bag with a longer warranty!

While you may be saving money upfront by purchasing cheaper luggage without a good warranty, in the long term you could very well spend more money constantly replacing suitcases.

Travelpro Logo

#3: Travelpro

Travelpro not only builds extremely high quality luggage (to the point where you don't often need to worry about the bag being damage) with an array of different warranty plans

When you buy a Travelpro bag, you're going to want to pick one with the Lifetime Limited Warranty With Travel Companion Promise or the Limited Lifetime Warranty or 10-Year Warranty.

While Travelpro makes some of the most durable luggage around, we're here to talk about warranties, with the best at Travelpro being the Travel Companion Promise.

Black Travelpro Luggage

The Travel Companion Promise warranty is a lifetime warranty that also covers any damage caused to your bag by the airlines. So when you see those luggage handlers throwing your bag around at least you'll have some comfort in knowing your bag will be protected if it breaks!

Not only will you be covered in these situations, you'll also want have to worry about paying any shipping costs to get your bag repaired by Travelpro - they'll cover that for you. 

Aside from the Travel Companion Promise, Travelpro's warranties are pretty standard and don't cover any sort of damage caused by normal wear and tear.

If you're looking for bags with warranties that do - keep on reading! 

While Travelpro has a strong warranty, it's far from the best on the list, however their luggage is exceptionally made and comes at an affordable price - all big plusses!

Tumi Logo

#2: Tumi

Tumi has an incredible warranty policy, especially when it comes to your first year of ownership.

Virtually any kind of damage, including normal wear and tear, as well as damage caused by the airlines will be covered.

Almost no other luggage company offers protection against normal wear and tear!

Tumi will make any necessary repairs, and cover any shipping costs, for free. If your bag is beyond their repair, then you will receive a new bag for free!

Aluminum Tumi Luggage

In terms of the first year of coverage, there's really nothing better than what Tumi offers.

From the second year up until the fifth year of ownership, Tumi still has a really great policy.

While damage caused by the airlines will no longer be covered, normal wear and tear is still covered under your warranty, which is a fantastic deal. 

You'll also be responsible for any shipping costs to get your bag fixed after the first year as well.

Beginning with your fifth year of ownership you bag will no longer be under any sort of warranty, so any all and damage will be your sole responsibility to get fixed or replaced.

When it comes to the first few years of ownership, it's really hard to beat Tumi. If you think you'll replace your bag after five years of ownership because you like to change things up, it's a no brainer to go with a Tumi bag. 

Briggs and Riley Luggage Logo 

#1: Briggs & Riley

 Our pick for the best luggage warranty, and one of the most beloved luggage brands by frequent fliers around the world, goes to Briggs & Riley.

Briggs & Riley luggage comes with the most comprehensive lifetime warranty that even includes damage caused to your suitcase by the airlines! 

While cosmetic wear isn’t covered, every functional aspect of your bag will be when purchased from Briggs & Riley.

Filing a claim, and actually getting your bag repaired, is also a smooth and easy process with unmatched customer service.

Black Briggs and Riley Luggage Bag

We can’t say this about every luggage company with many of them making the warranty claim process extremely slow and difficult to actually finish.

Briggs & Riley has authorized repair centers across the country making fixes sometimes as simple as a drive down the street rather than shipping your bag away for weeks at a time. 

There are even free in-home repair kits available for fixes you can do yourself!

While Briggs & Riley luggage is going to be significantly more expensive than most other suitcase brands, the very forgiving lifetime warranty makes Briggs & Riley a brand you can buy from and possibly keep for life!



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