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EPCOT Lockers | Guide, Tips & Are They Worth It?

Whether you're planning to drink around the world, enjoy the Flower and Garden Festival or enjoy some of the newest attraction at Walt Disney World, there are a dozen reason why you might need a little extra storage when visiting EPCOT.

Just like every theme park at Walt Disney World, EPCOT has lockers available for rent! 

We'll go into detail about everything you should know before renting a locker at EPCOT, including if we think lockers are worth it!

Questions We'll Answer About Lockers at EPCOT:

The Basics

  • Where Are The Lockers At EPCOT
  • How Big Are Lockers At EPCOT?
  • How Much Do Lockers Cost At EPCOT?
  • How Do You Pay For Lockers?

EPCOT Locker Tips

  • Are There Other Storage Options At EPCOT?
  • Should You Get A Locker At EPCOT?


Spaceship Earth with flags blowing in the wind

Where Are The Lockers At EPCOT?

The main locker area at EPCOT is located just through the entrance of the park and under Spaceship Earth! 

After you arrive at EPCOT, you'll want to walk towards Spaceship Earth and when the path divides to the left or right, you'll want to stay on the right-hand side of the pathway. 

The lockers are a bit hidden and connected to the restrooms. We recommend looking for the restrooms as they are a bit more noticeable and share a building with the lockers. 

Lockers Locatio and Sign at EPCOT

If you pass Spaceship Earth and arrive at The Seas With Nemo and Friends, then you have gone too far and need to turn around. 

Likewise, if you see Connections or the Starbucks, then you're on the wrong side of Spaceship Earth and will need to retrace your steps until you take the otherside of the walking path that splits in two at the entrance of the attraction.

The second set of lockers is actually located just outside of EPCOT at the International Gateway entrance which is connected to Disney's BoardWalk Resort. From inside EPCOT, you'll find International Gateway right at the bridge that connects the United Kingdom and France World Showcase pavilions. 

Because this set of lockers is outside of EPCOT, and at an entrance primarily used by Disney hotel guests, you'll probably want to avoid using them unless you'll be staying at one of the BoardWalk Resort hotels. 

It's a much longer walk to this area and your locker options are much more limited compared to what you'll find in the larger locker section at the main entrance of EPCOT.  

EPCOT's International Gateway Locker Area

How Big Are Lockers At EPCOT?

Disney has provided a few different locker sizes at EPCOT to meet the needs of guests who may need to store a little, or a lot! 

Lockers at EPCOT come in three different sizes as detailed below:


12" x 10" x 17"


15.5" x 13" x 17"


17" x 22" x 26"

Room full of lockers at EPCOT

How Much Are Lockers At EPCOT?

Each of the three locker sizes at EPCOT have different prices to rent for the day. 

There is no option to rent on just an hourly basis, but we find the prices of lockers at Disney to be quite affordable especially considering that you can access the lockers all day. 

The different prices for each locker size is below:


$10 per day


$12 per day


$15 per day

"Lockers" Sign

How Do You Pay For Lockers?

Lockers can be paid for using the self-service kiosk if you're using cash or a credit card. 

If you are using a Magicband, Disney giftcard or voucher then you will need to go to the merchandise store or stroller rental location adjacent to the locker rentals in order to pay. 

Your card will be charged upfront to give you access to the locker and not at the end of the day after you finish using the locker. 

Locker Prices on Self Service Kiosk

Are There Other Storage Options At EPCOT?

There are currently no other storage options at EPCOT outside of the two locker rental areas.

While some rides may have small pouches to hold small items like sunglasses, hats and purses, you'll need to get a locker for anything bigger.

Guest services at EPCOT also won't be able to hold any valuables or store any suitcases for you.

If you really need a place to store suitcases and luggage then we'd recommend doing so at your hotel's front desk, which is typically a complimentary service offered at most hotels.

EPCOT Locker Kiosk

Should You Get A Locker At EPCOT?

We personally have never had a need for a locker at EPCOT, but if there are personal items you need to bring with you to the park, and don't want to carry them all day, then getting a locker is the best option. 

EPCOT is a massive theme park, so keep in mind that you might find yourself trekking quite a distance to grab items in your locker which are located near the front of the park.

While the price of a locker is actually very reasonable, it's mostly been the walking back and fourth to the front of EPCOT that has deterred us from every getting a locker.

Coming from  anywhere in the World Showcase you're likely going to find the walk back to the lockers quite cumbersome. 

If it's an item you can leave at home or in your hotel room, then we definitely recommend doing so. 

That being said, if you don't mind the walking or will only need to return to the locker once or twice, then you'll find the lockers at EPCOT to be a really good value.

For most situations however, we recommend only getting a locker if you absolutely need to. While they may be handy for some people, they are typically quite annoying to walk back and fourth from throughout the day!



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