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Magic Kingdom Lockers Guide: Tips & FAQ

With bags packed and a big day ahead of you at Magic Kingdom, you might be wondering if you'll be able to drop off some of your belongings in a storage locker before enjoying the park!

The good news is Magic Kingdom does have storage lockers available for use and this Magic Kingdom Lockers guide will breakdown everything you need to know before renting a locker.

Questions We'll Answer About Lockers at Magic Kingdom:

The Basics

  • Where Are The Lockers At Magic Kingdom?
  • How Big Are Lockers At Magic Kingdom?
  • How Much Do Lockers Cost At Magic Kingdom?
  • How Do You Pay For Lockers?


  • Are There Other Storage Options At Magic Kingdom?
  • Should You Get A Locker At Magic Kingdom?

"Locker Rental" Sign at Magic Kingdom


Where Are The Lockers At Magic Kingdom?

The lockers at Magic Kingdom are conveniently located just as you pass through the entrance of the park.

After you scan in using your ticket or MagicBand you'll see a sign for rentals on the far right side of the entrance courtyard. 

Locker rental location on map of Magic Kingdom

You'll find locker rentals tucked away in this corner right before you pass through the tunnel leading into Main Street U.S.A.. 

Once you arrive at the locker rental location you'll be greeted with over a hundred lockers to rent and a self-service kiosk to setup and pay for your rental. 

Row of lockers

While the station is self-service, there are Disney cast members nearby to help with any issues that may arise. 

The cast members at the wheelchair/ECV rental station right next to Locker Rentals can guide you through the process or troubleshoot as needed. 

Magic King Locker Self-Service Kiosk

How Big Are Lockers At Magic Kingdom?

With different needs in mind Disney has done a great job providing a variety of locker sizes at the Magic Kingdom. 

Lockers at Magic Kingdom come in three different sizes that we've detailed below:


12" x 10" x 17"


15.5" x 13" x 17"


17" x 22" x 26"

How Much Are Lockers At Magic Kingdom?

Each of the three locker sizes at Magic Kingdom have different prices to rent for the day. 

There is no option to rent on just an hourly basis, but we find the prices of lockers at Disney to be quite affordable especially considering that you can access the lockers all day. 

The different prices for each locker size is below:


$10 per day


$12 per day


$15 per day

Rentals sign at Magic Kingdom

How Do You Pay For Lockers?

Lockers can be paid for using the self-service kiosk if you're using cash or a credit card. 

If you are using a Magicband, Disney giftcard or voucher then you will need to go to the merchandise store or stroller rental location adjacent to the locker rentals in order to pay. 

Your card will be charged upfront to give you access to the locker and not at the end of the day after you finish using the locker. 

Locker Prices on Self Service Kiosk

Are There Other Storage Options At Magic Kingdom?

Tron Lightcycle Run has small lockers available to guests only who will be getting on the ride. However, these can only be used of the duration of the ride and not as a long term storage location.

There are no other long term locker options at Magic Kingdom outside of the singular locker rental location at the front of the park.

While Universal Orlando has locker locations at multiple rides, Magic Kingdom does not have this option.

Select rides at the Magic Kingdom might have a small storage compartment onboard ride vehicles, but these storage compartments are intended to hold items like hats, sunglasses and purses.  

If you have any valuables or large items you need to store while at Magic Kingdom, a locker rental is going to be your only storage option.

"Welcome To Magic Kingdom" Sign

Should You Get A Locker At Magic Kingdom?

If you're at all worried about carrying certain belongings with you all day at the Magic Kingdom then definitely get a locker. 

The locker prices are extremely affordable and if it means being able to carry less throughout the day at Magic Kingdom then it's worth every penny. 

Keep in mind that Magic Kingdom is a huge theme park and the locker rental location is located at the very front of the park. 

While this makes for a convenient drop-off at the beginning of your day and pick-up at the end of your day, the trek to the locker location in the middle of the day might be cumbersome. 

If you find yourself towards the back of Fantasyland or Critter Country then the Magic Kingdom entrance is going to take you a bit of time to reach. 

If you don't mind the walking then you'll find these lockers to be even better of a deal.



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