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Is American Tourister Good Luggage? | Thoughts After 20+ Trips

We've owned three different American Tourister luggage bags and tested them across 20+ trips to help you determine if American Tourister makes quality luggage!

In this American Tourister Luggage Guide, we've reviewed four different major areas of consideration when comparing luggage to help you decide if American Tourister should be your next luggage purchase!

Areas We've Assessed To Determine If American Tourister Is Good Luggage:

  • Warranty Policy
  • Luggage Build Quality
  • Functionality Analysis
  • Materials Quality
  • Is American Tourister Good Luggage?

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American Tourister Warranty Policy

American Tourister has a pretty average warranty policy for luggage at a similar price point.

American Tourister currently has two different warranty types:

  • Limited 10-Year Global Warranty
  • Limited 3-Year Global Warranty

While it's possible to find longer warranties and even lifetime warranties, we think American Tourister's policy is satisfactory for the price you're paying, as long as you get a bag with the 10 year policy.

American Tourister bags should easily last over three years, so you'll want to be sure the bag you purchase is covered by the 10-year warranty. 

American Tourister Black and Blue Checked Bag

Both the 3-year and 10-year warranties cover the same types of incidents which we've covered in this guide. Everything that is, and isn't covered by American Tourister is pretty standard and you're going to find a similar policy with most other luggage companies. 

The only ding we have here is the no lifetime warranty, but 10 years is great given American Tourister's price point. 

American Tourister Luggage Build Quality

As previously mentioned, we've owned three different American Tourister bags and have tested them across dozens of trips.

The bags have all held up quite impressively with minimal issues aside from normal wear and tear. Handles, zippers, and fabrics are all still functional, show no signs of irregular damage and continue to work very nicely. 

However, there are elements of the bags we've tested that feel cheap and a bit lackluster.

American Tourister Bag Handle

Metal American Tourister Bag Handle

This is most apparent with the telescoping handles and wheels on American Tourister Bags. The handles on some bags feel a bit flimsy and light, while the wheels are very basic and don't roll the smoothest compared to many other bags. 

Otherwise, the zippers and outer shells of American Tourister bags are all of standard/average quality. 

While American Tourister does have some elements of their build quality that feel a bit lackluster, all of our bags have held up really nicely after 20+ trips and remain in great condition. 

American Tourister Bag Overview

Functionality Analysis

The American Tourister bags we've owned and tested have all been functional throughout multiple trips with minimal issues. 

Similarly to the build quality, while we have had hardly any issues with the wheels, handles or zippers, they do feel a bit cheap and overall might not be made with the highest quality materials. 

American Tourister Bag Wheels

American Tourister Zippers

The wheels roll less smoothly than many other bags we've used in the past and the handles do feel a bit flimsy and cheap. While none of the wheels have ever broken off, we do hold our breath a bit when we go over rough surfaces or when the wheels hit something. 

Again, these features continue to work almost as if they're brand new, but even right out of the box they don't immediately feel as great as other bags we've owned.

Overall, there are nearly no issues with the functionality of American Tourister luggage and they are extremely reliable but they may feel like they're not working as smoothly as you might hope for a brand-new piece of luggage.

Materials Quality

The materials of American Tourister are just average and a good value for the price you're paying. 

The polyester that the softside bags are made of is standard across most luggage and the "ABS Plastic" used on the hardside bags should hold up to any sort of normal use for years. 

Overall, everything here is pretty standard and we've had no issues with the materials, but some elements do feel a little on the cheaper side including zippers and telescopic handles. 

American Tourister Bag Interior

Is American Tourister Good Luggage?

American Tourister brand luggage is certainly good quality luggage for the price you'll be paying.

Most of their luggage pieces are quite affordable, and when compared to their price point, we find the bags to be a really great value and overall good luggage for a budget-conscious buyer.

While there are certainly other brands with much better quality, warranties, and durability than American Tourister, you're going to be paying a higher premium for these bags.

If you find yourself traveling very regularly then we may suggest going with a higher-quality luggage brand with better build quality and warranty, but for the occasional traveler, American Tourister will be a good choice to consider.



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