Club 33 | Behind-The-Scenes, History & Secrets

Club 33 is a legendary location conceived by Walt Disney shrouded in secrecy and allure that piques the curiosity of nearly anyone who hears about it. After all, a secret club inside family-friendly Disney theme parks seems quite bizarre at first.

Our Ultimate Club 33 Guide is here to give you a behind-the-scenes look at all things Club 33 and what you might expect if you're interested in becoming a member!

Questions We'll Answer About Club 33:

  • What Is Club 33?
  • Where Is Club 33?
  • How Do You Join Club 33?
  • How Much Does Club 33 Cost?
  • What Is The Membership Approval Process Like?
  • Can You Get In Without A Membership?
  • What Is It Like To Dine At Club 33?
  • What Are The Membership Perks?
  • Who Are Some Famous Members?


Entrance Door To Club 33

What Is Club 33?

Club 33 is an exclusive members-only club located at Disney theme parks around the world, with the most famous location being Disneyland. 

Located above the New Orleans Square section of the Disneyland theme park behind the doors of Club 33 is a private restaurant, lounge, and bar area.

Club 33 is also used for ultra-exclusive and secretive private events for members throughout the year - with lavish New Year's Eve parties being among the previous events. 

Club 33 Balcony Above New Orleans Square


Most of the year Club 33 is used as the restaurant and bar space accessible only to Club 33 members, their guests, and other VIPs invited by the Walt Disney Company. 

The idea of Club 33 was originally conceived by Walt Disney himself as a private area for him to broker business deals within the walls of Disneyland, as well as entertain clients and other VIP guests. Sadly, Walt Disney never got to see Club 33 become a reality, but The Walt Disney Company continued with the idea in a slightly different form. 

Club 33 opened in 1967 as a members-only club rather and remains open to this day and is as popular as ever. With a waitlist to become a member often taking years to get through, Club 33 is a favorite spot amongst the wealthy and famous.

Club 33 Walkway

Where Is Club 33?

Club 33 has 6 different locations at Disney theme parks around the world, which we've listed below:

  • Disneyland
  • Magic Kingdom
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Hollywood Studios
  • Tokyo Disneyland
  • Shanghai Disneyland

The original Club 33 location is at Disneyland and the Tokyo and Shanghai Club 33 locations were the next to be built. Club 33 at the four Walt Disney World parks is the newest addition to the Club 33 family.

A similar secretive lounge known as 1901 is also open to Club 33 members when they visit California Adventure. 

If you're looking for Club 33 when visiting Disneyland, head to New Orleans Square and locate the big fancy door in between Eudora's Chic Boutique and the Mint Julep Bar. 

Even though Disney likes to say Club 33 is a secret, it's quite easy to find and sticks out from the rest of the doors in New Orleans Square. 

Old Club 33 Logo

How Do You Join Club 33?

Joining Club 33 requires a bit of patience and a lot of money. You're going to likely be put on a waitlist to become a member and will need to pay a hefty membership fee in the tens of thousands of dollars. 

The process to join Club 33 at Walt Disney World is no secret. They have a page on their website with details on how to join! 

If you're interested in joining Club 33 at Walt Disney World you simply need to email and tell them you're interested. From there you will receive more information on the application and review process

Club 33 at Disneyland is a bit less obvious when it comes to joining. You won't find a Club 33 website with details on how to join when it comes to Disneyland, but Disneyland still has an email address where you can inquire about your interest at

Both Club 33 at Disneyland and Walt Disney World have waitlists you must go on before becoming a member. Walt Disney World's waitlist is relatively short, but Disneyland often stretches into multiple years of waiting needed!

Magic Kingdom Club 33

How Much Does Club 33 Cost?

The cost to join Club 33 changes every few years and to no surprise only gets more expensive.

Prices for Disneyland and Walt Disney World Club 33 memberships are different, with WDW being a bit more expensive because you're getting access to four clubs rather than just two at Disneyland.

  • Disneyland Club 33 Membership Costs: $30,000 one-time initiation fee + $12,000 per year annual fee
  • Walt Disney World Club 33 Membership Costs: $33,000 one-time initiation fee + $15,000 per year annual fee

Courtyard of Angels Gate

What Is The Membership Approval Process Like?

Joining Club 33 has an application review, interview, and approval process before joining. Simply having the means to afford a membership isn't always enough to get your hands on a membership.

Rumors are that Disney conducts background checks as well as some social media digging to make sure any prospective Club 33 member doesn't have a history of unruly behavior. 

Club 33 has a strict code of conduct, so it makes sense Disney might do some digging into your personal life to make sure you'll be on your best behavior before getting into Club 33. 

Rumors also indicate you'll be asked why you want to become a member if you belong to any other exclusive clubs as well as questions about your career and hobbies. 

We've heard the interview and application process at Walt Disney World is a bit less stringent than at Disneyland, and this might make sense given the fact Disneyland's Club 33 is the more popular and historic location. 

The interview process isn't anything too intense, but Disney understandably wants to do some basic due diligence on their prospective members to make sure they'll be able to mesh with the rest of the Club 33 crowd. 

Club 33 Logo

Can You Get In Without A Membership?

Having a Club 33 membership isn't the only way to gain access to the club!

The easiest way to get access to Club 33 is to know a member who can make a reservation on your behalf or bring you into the club with them. Make friends with the right people and you might just find yourself dining at Club 33!

From here it gets a bit harder to gain access to Club 33. 

If you don't know a Club 33 member then you'll likely need to do business with Disney in some form to be allowed in. Disney will sometimes give business partners and VIPs a Club 33 reservation to show their appreciation for working together.

Otherwise, you'll need to be a major celebrity for Disney to just hand over Club 33 access for you. Disney is known to allow actors, actresses, and filmmakers on Disney movies or shows access to Club 33 on occasion. 

The only other way you'll be able to get Club 33 membership is the seldom charity auction. 

In the past Disney has allowed members to auction off a Club 33 reservation for charitable causes. These auctions don't happen very often and as you can imagine, the winning bid can get pretty steep - but likely cheaper than an actual Club 33 membership!

Club 33 Walt Disney World Logo

What Is It Like To Dine At Club 33?

Dining at Club 33 is akin to dining at a fine dining restaurant (comparable to 1 or 2 Michelin Stars) with different plusses and minuses being located within Disneyland.

Because of Club 33's exclusivity and storied history, you're going to feel very special walking through the doors for the first time as others watch. Knowing just how special this location is to the history of Disneyland makes it a much more impactful experience from the moment you walk in.

However, you will notice that unlike most exclusive clubs or Michelin Star restaurants, you'll see some folks in there with theme park attire (Mickey ears, Disney t-shirts, sneaks) which does take away from the premium experience just a bit. 

Disney characters are known to make an appearance at Club 33 every so often as well - typically at lunchtime when the environment is a bit more relaxed!

Disney Hollywood Studios Club 33 Entrance

After you check in at the front desk you'll be brought through the storied Courtyard of Angels where you will walk up a curved staircase to the main dining, bar, and lounge area of Club 33. 

As you can imagine, service will be superb and you'll be treated with the utmost respect from beginning to end, with your glass of water never dipping below half full!

After being seated you'll be presented with your drink and food menu to begin your meal. 

Keep in mind that unless you're heading to the lounge area, you aren't supposed to walk aimlessly around Club 33, so soak in your surroundings every chance you get. 

We also recommend lots of trips to the bathroom if you're trying to explore the club!  

What Are The Membership Perks?

Membership perks of Club 33 Disneyland and Club 33 Walt Disney World are largely the same, however, there are a few differences between the two.

Walt Disney World Club 33 Membership Perks:

  • Annual Passes for the primary member, a spouse, and any children under the age of 18
  • Access to Club 33 at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios
  • 50 single-day park hopper tickets
  • 5 single VIP tours
  • Access to the Walt Disney World Club 33 concierge
  • Private character meet and greets inside Club 33
  • Access to other VIP events, private parties, and attraction previews


Disneyland Club 33 Membership Perks:

  • Magic Keys (Disneyland's version of an annual pass) for the primary member + their spouse and any children under the age of 18
  • Access to Club 33 at Disneyland and the 1901 Lounge at California Adventure
  • 50 single-day park hopper tickets
  • 5 single-day VIP tours
  • Access to the Disneyland Club 33 concierge
  • Private character meet and greets inside Club 33
  • Access to other VIP events, private parties, and attraction previews

Who Are Some Famous Members?

There is no official list of Club 33 members, but there have been lots of photos and eyewitness accounts of celebrities walking into Club 33 (and many sharing the experience themselves). 

Club 33 members include everyone from business executives to entrepreneurs, athletes, filmmakers, and actors! 

Rumors indicate the following celebrities are likely Club 33 members:

  • John Stamos
  • Josh Gad
  • Ginner Goodwin
  • Dwayne Johnson
  • Neil Patrick Harris
  • Katy Perry
  • Tiger Woods
  • Christina Aguilera
  • Elton John
  • Mariah Carey
  • Rebel Wilson
  • Tom Hanks
  • Gwen Stefani



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