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Is Club 33 Open To The Public? | Rumors & Latest News

Club 33 is one of the most exclusive experiences at a Disney theme park, but rumors of the club opening to the public could change the experience forever! 

In this Club 33 Guide, we'll dive into the rumors of Club 33 opening to the public and track the latest news on what's actually happening at Club 33!

Questions We'll Answer About Club 33:

  • Is Club 33 Going To Open To The Public?
  • When Did Rumors Of Club 33 Opening To The Public Begin?

Club 33 Entrance

Is Club 33 Going To Open To The Public?

The short answer is no; Club 33 isn't going to be open to the general public anytime soon.

This goes for Club 33 at Disneyland and Walt Disney World's four theme parks - you'll need a Club 33 membership to access any of the locations for the foreseeable future. 

While Club 33 isn't a massive amount of revenue for Disney in the grand scheme of things, it's a highly profitable business segment for Disney, and there's no reason for them to give up this easy money anytime soon. 

Club 33 at Magic Kingdom

If Disney were to change course and open Club 33 to the public, we'd know about this immediately through official Disney channels like the Disney Parks PR website as it would be quite a big deal.

As of 2024, we have yet to hear from any insiders or official Disney sources about Club 33 opening to the public, so if you're looking to get into the club, you'll need to get a membership! 

We've detailed everything you need to know about becoming a Club 33 member in a guide you can find here!

Club 33 Emblem

When Did Rumors Of Club 33 Opening To The Public Begin?

While we don't know where rumors of Club 33 opening to the public began, they likely gained popularity due to an article on Mouse Trap News and then caught fire on TikTok. 

A May 2023 article from the site claims that Club 33 would open to the public and is exceptionally well written with no way to know the article is a joke unless you're familiar with the Mouse Trap news brand. 

Mouse Trap News is a satirical Disney news site, and they're upfront about it on their About Page. Still, they often do a great job at really selling the fake (and often hilarious) rumors they put on their site, making these rumors easy to spread like wildfire on TikTok and Instagram. 

Club 33 Walkway

Once these rumors hit social media, it's often hard to verify the validity of the claims or trace them back to a source, so many folks do take these rumors seriously.

From there it only spreads more as "legitimate" sources can get tricked into believing this news is true causing more and more people to believe the rumors.



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