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How To Join Club 33 | Application Tips & Review Process

With Club 33 being one of the most exclusive private clubs in the world, it of course begs the question of how one actually joins. 

This Club 33 guide details the steps you'll need to take in order to join Club 33, as well as a peek into what the application and review process will be like.

Questions We'll Answer About Joining Club 33:

  • How Do You Join Club 33?
  • What Is The Application and Review Process Like?
  • Tips On Becoming A Member!

 Club 33 Entrance

How Do You Join Club 33?

Joining Club 33 at Walt Disney World is quite straightforward and obvious, while Club 33 at Disneyland is kept a bit more of a secret.

Club 33 at Walt Disney World has a webpage that tells you the best way to begin your Club 33 membership application process is by emailing: and letting them know you're interested in becoming a member.

Disneyland is a bit more discrete with no webpage instructing potential members on how to join.

Club 33 Walkway

It's important to note that both Club 33's currently have some form of a waitlist. 

Disneyland's Club 33 has a waitlist that can take quite a few years to work through before becoming a member. Walt Disney World's Club 33 wait list is much shorter, with sometimes only a couple of months of waiting required. 

What Is The Application and Review Process Like?

The application and review process isn't always the same for everyone, but there are typically five steps you can expect.

While not everyone will have two interviews, you generally should anticipate at least one interview with Club 33 staff. All of the other steps listed are quite standard when becoming a Club 33 member.

  • Email Outreach
  • Application
  • Interview
  • Follow-up Interview
  • Decision

Before even seeing an application you will need to reach out to Club 33 via email. From there you will eventually be sent a membership application to be completed.

Club 33 Logo

The application will ask for common personal information (name, phone number, address, etc.) with sometimes more in-depth questions about your professional background, why you're interested in Club 33, and more. Sometimes these questions are omitted from the application and saved for the interview process.

If you make it through the application review, you'll move on to a formal phone interview. 

The formal interview will dig deeper into your personal and professional background, assess you as a personality fit for Club 33, and further question why you'd like to join Club 33, what you hope to get out of becoming a member, and other questions to make sure you'll mesh well with current members.

Club 33 Lounge & Bar Area Exterior

While unconfirmed, during this step Club 33 staff may check your social media accounts for another glimpse into your life and your online persona!

After this first interview, you'll either get a decision from Club 33 on your membership status or you'll be asked to participate in a follow-up interview. 

If you're asked to do a follow-up interview, it's typically just a further evaluation of your character and to ask any additional questions about your interest and intentions with your Club 33 membership.

Don't take a follow-up interview request personally as if you did something wrong or answered questions unfavorably. 

Courtyard of Angels Entrance

While not everyone is asked to do a second interview, there are dozens of reasons why Club 33 staff may have asked you to participate in another interview - it doesn't always necessarily you did something wrong.

Sometimes the second interview could be with an entirely different group of Club 33 staff who also want to vet you! 

The final step will of course be your approval or rejection as a Club 33 member.

If you're approved, you'll quickly be sent additional paperwork to begin setting up your membership and perks, and of course, to set up payment for your hefty Club 33 membership fees.

Tips On Becoming A Member!

Other than making it through the lengthy waitlist and having the money to afford a membership, becoming a Club 33 member is quite easy. 

While Disney has an extensive vetting process for their prospective membership, most of this assessment rests on you being professional and cordial. Disney truly wants to make sure they aren't allowing someone problematic and rowdy into Club 33.

There are a few other key tips to consider during your membership review process!

1. Clean Up Your Social Media!

If you have anything inappropriate on your social media accounts, now is the time to take them down. If Disney gets the impression you might be looking to party in Club 33, then your chances of getting approved will go down.

2. Show Genuine Interest In Disney and Club 33

While you don't need to be a Disney super fan to get into Club 33, it's good to show you have an understanding of Club 33's history, as well as an appreciation for the Walt Disney Company

3. Have Your Priorities Set

One of the quickest ways to get your membership declined is by making it seem you may use your Club 33 membership for personal gain. This includes anything that may seem like you'll be looking to solicit existing members for business tips, money, etc. When Disney asks why you're interested in becoming a member, be sure to answer this question very thoughtfully!

4. Don't Be Over Eager

While it's easy to get excited about potentially becoming a Club 33 member, you should play it cool during your application process. Posting on social media that you're being considered is not a good idea (Club 33 has strict rules outlining what you can post on social media). You also don't want to give off the vibe during your interviews that you may be overbearing and hard to handle if you were to gain access to Club 33. 



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