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Club 33 Dress Code | Dos and Don'ts Before Attending!

Visiting Club 33 is one of the most special and exclusive experiences at any Disney park, and how to dress for the occasion is a huge decision! 

In this Club 33 Guide, we'll break down the Club 33 dress code and provide our suggestions on what you should wear based on our experiences and observations! 

Questions We'll Answer About The Club 33 Dress Code:

  • What Is Club 33's Dress Code?
  • What Are Some Club 33 Dress Code Tips?
  • Does Club 33 At Disneyland and Walt Disney World Have The Same Dress Code?

 Club 33 Entrance

What Is Club 33's Dress Code?

To the surprise of many, Club 33 actually has a very loose dress code with only a few guidelines on what you should wear.

If you are dining at Club 33 before 4:30 PM (lunch/brunch service), you'll only be met with one restriction - no flip flops.

This is, of course, in addition to Disneyland's standard dress code, which you still must follow no matter when you're visiting Club 33.

Club 33 Walkway

Because Disneyland is still a theme park and gets quite hot being under the Southern California sun all day, Disney has allowed the lunch crowd to be more flexible on what they wear to Club 33.

After 4:30 PM (dinner service), you'll need to adhere to a bit stricter policy

Anyone dining at Club 33 for dinner service should follow a business casual dress code.

For those unfamiliar with what business casual attire is, we recommend clicking the link above for a great guide on business casual clothing, or simply consider wearing the following:

  • Tucked in button-down shirt with slacks or dark-colored denim jeans
  • T-shirt with a blazer and slacks or dark-colored denim jeans
  • Closed-toe shoes (open-toe high heels are fine)
  • Dresses

Club 33 Doorbell

We've definitely seen people dressed more casually than what we've outlined above during dinner service. Still, your admittance into Club 33 is based on the sole discretion of cast members and management on duty.

Because visiting Club 33 is such a privilege, we recommend following the business casual dress code and not taking a risk on more casual attire. 

People have been denied entry into Club 33 for not adhering to the dress code! 

What Are Some Club 33 Dress Code Tips?

If you'll be dining at Club 33 we have some dos and don'ts to remember when picking out your outfit!


  • Wear any clothes with rips, holes, or tears, even if designed this way.
  • Wear flip-flops or beach sandals (formal sandals are fine, though).
  • Choose to wear sneakers if at all possible!
  • Wear too much jewelry! Remember, you'll still need to traverse across Disneyland to get to Club 33 and if you lose something, chances are you won't find it again in the crowds! 

 Courtyard of Angels Entrance


  • Follow the Disneyland Dress Code - if it's not allowed at Disneyland, it's definitely not permitted at Club 33
  • Feel free to dress up as much as you'd like! You can never overdress for Club 33 - especially dinner.
  • Remember to pay attention to what your children are wearing. Disney is much more lenient with children's clothing at Club 33, but a nice outfit never hurts.
  • Take into consideration the weather. Bring an umbrella or sweater if needed! Even from the entrance of Disneyland to Club 33 you'll be doing a fair bit of walking. 

Walt Disney World Club 33 Symbol

Does Club 33 At Disneyland and Walt Disney World Have The Same Dress Code?

Club 33 at Walt Disney World and Disneyland do not have the same dress codes!

In fact, Walt Disney World has an incredibly relaxed dress code that is no different than their standard theme park dress code

No extra requirements or restrictions are in place for Club 33 visitors at Walt Disney World as long as they follow the general park dress code. 

Magic Kingdom Club 33

Club 33 at Walt Disney World is a much different experience than Club 33 at Disneyland and has no formal dining service, which is why there's a much more relaxed dress code.

The Club 33 locations at Walt Disney World are also a more relaxed and casual environment in general than their sister location at Disneyland, so you'll see a lot of folks in sneakers, shorts, and clothing helping them to stay cool in the brutal Florida sun! 


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