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Disney World Club 33 | Pictures & All Locations Revealed!

While Disneyland has only one Club 33 locations (not including the 1901 lounge at California Adventure), Walt Disney World actually has four separate Club 33 locations!

Our Walt Disney World Club 33 Guide will detail where you can find Club 33 at each of the four Disney World theme parks. 

Where Is Club 33 At Walt Disney World?

  • Magic Kingdom
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Hollywood Studios

Club 33 Walt Disney World Logo

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom probably has the most fun Club 33 location of the four clubs at Walt Disney World.

You're going to need to head over to Adventureland to find Magic Kingdom's Club 33!

As you walk over the wooden plank bridge and cross under the iconic "Adventureland" sign, look to your immediate right. 

Magic Kingdom Club 33 Entrance

You should see a two story building on the edge of Adventureland overlooking the river and Magic Kingdom "hub" area (the section of the park directly in front of Cinderella's castle). 

Just as the wooden plank bridge ends, you'll see a tiny little walkway that leads to a Club 33 logo and unmarked green door. 

This door leads to the foyer area of Magic Kingdom's Club 33 and then into the club itself!

Magic Kingdom Club 33 Entrance

Animal Kingdom

Club 33 at Animal Kingdom is tucked away in a very infrequently traveled section of the park, that's a bit hard to find.

In order to find Club 33 at Animal Kingdom, you'll need to head over to the Africa section of the park.

From there, you'll want to walk towards and eventually past The Festival Of The Lion King Show and Harambe Theater.

Animal Kingdom Club 33

If you're heading the right direction, you'll see two isloated buildings on both sides of the walkway away from just about everything else.

Club 33 is located on the right side of the walk way in the building tucked further away from the main path known as the "Harambe House".

The entrance is behind a gate which requires a Club 33 membership to enter through, as well as another set of doors for added security.

Club 33 Harambe House at Animal Kingdom


In our opinions, Club 33 at EPCOT has the best and most grand Club 33 in Walt Disney World! 

Overlooking the World Showcase Lagoon, Club 33 at EPCOT is located on the top floor of the The American Adventure show building.

This area has actually been used in the past for various events, including a Chase cardmember lounge at the Food & Wine Festival in year's past. So you might have actually taken a peek at Club 33 without even knowing it! 

Window View From EPCOT Club 33

While the building has certainly been refurbished for a more premium, Club 33 experience, much of the layout is still the same.

When you arrive at The American Adventure, stand directly outside of the show's entrance infront of the giant set of doors. 

Look up towards the bell tower where you'll see a few sets of windows! You've now found Club 33 at EPCOT.

The door to this Club 33 is actually quite easy to find as well. It's located just between The American Adventure entrance and the Art of Disney Store. 

Walt Disney World Club 33 Logo

Hollywood Studios

The final Club 33 on our list, is probably the easiest of all to find! 

Located inside The Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant is Club 33 at Hollywood Studios. 

Hollywood Studios Club 33 Entrance

After arriving at The Hollywood Brown Derby, simply ask a Disney Cast Member where the bathrooms are located, or follow the signs leading to the bathrooms, and you'll soon find yourself standing at the entrance of Club 33. 

Right near the bathrooms you'll see an elevator which leads right up to Club 33! 

Next to that elevator is a staircase which also leads to Club 33, all of which is located on the second floor of The Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant. 

Hollywood Studios Club 33 Location 


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