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What is the Cedar Point Bag Policy? | Easily Explained

Every theme park has their own rules of what you can or can't bring, and it can get a little overwhelming trying figure it out while also trying to plan your vacation.

In this page, we cover exactly what the Cedar Point bag policy is.

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What is the Cedar Point Bag Policy?

Visitors are allowed to bring backpacks into the park for most of the year, however you just cannot bring them on the rides due to safety concerns. 

The one event where no bags of any kind are allowed is during HalloWeekends, for the safety of both the staff members and visitors.

backpack at cedar point

Inspection Entering the Park

Visitors should be aware that all guests, bags, parcels and other items are subject to inspection, including metal detection or other screening measures before entering the park.

Where to Store Your Bag

Visitors are able to rent a locker at Cedar Point to conveniently store your backpack and valuables while you ride the rides or navigate through the park.

Lockers are the best way to keep your items safe while you ride any rides.

There are also cubbies and bins available at most rides, where you'll also be able to place your backpack.

These bins can be either wooden or metal, depending on the ride, and can be found attached right on the front of the gate that opens up when it is your turn to ride the ride.

However, you'll want to be aware that if you do store decide to store your belongings in cubbies or bins, the park isn't responsible if anything happens to your bag.

Some rides such as Power Tower, will even allow you to keep your bag in specific areas on the floor.

You'll want to consider if it has rained at all earlier in the day, as the floor may be wet.

Can You Bring Fanny Pack on Rides?

You are able to wear a fanny pack for most rides at Cedar Point, the main ride that you won't be able to wear one for is:

  • Steel Vengeance

A fanny pack is a popular choice for visitors to use at a theme park, as it is a great way to safely store your essential belongings such as your phone, wallet, and jewelry, without needing to place it anywhere else.

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