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Does Universal Studios Have Fast Pass? | Simply Explained

Disney first created the concept of a Fast Pass decades which always begs the question if Universal also has Fast Pass or a similar service.

This this guide, we'll discuss if Universal has Fast Pass like Disney once did, as well as what alternatives might be available to consider!

Questions We'll Answer About Fast Pass at Universal Studios:

  • Does Universal Studios Florida or Universal Hollywood Have Fast Pass?
  • What Is Universal Express Pass?
  • Is Universal Express Pass Worth It?

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Does Universal Studios Have Fast Pass?

No, Universal Studios Hollywood or Universal Orlando do not have Fast Pass.

FastPass was the "skip the line" system Disney had in place at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland for years before replacing it with the Genie+ and Lightning Lane services.

While FastPass has gone extinct, there is Universal's version of the service which has been alive and well for decades.

Universal's equivalent of Fast Pass is known as Express Pass, and is one of our most recommended theme park add-on's! 

What Is Universal Express Pass?

Universal Express Pass is a paid service (sometimes costing more than a park ticket!) which allows you to skip the regular lines at Universal Studios Florida, Universal Studios Hollywood and Islands of Adventure! 

Universal Express Pass is actually an even better version of the old Disney Fast Pass system. 

Disney's FastPass system would require you to get FastPass and then wait until a certain timeframe to use it at your ride of choice.

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man Ride

Universal's Express Pass system allows you to walk right up to nearly every single ride at Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood and use Express Pass immediately.

After getting your Express Pass scanned by a ride attendant, you'll be moved into a separate line just for Express Pass holders, which is typically 80%-90% shorter than the normal line. 

Express Pass does come at a heavy cost though that varies from day to day depending on what you're visiting a Universal theme park. 

During some of the busiest times of year (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Spring Break), Express Pass can cost nearly as much as your admission ticket into the park! 

Universal Express Pass Pricing Calendar

Is Universal Express Pass Worth It?

Universal Express Pass definitely comes at a hefty price, but if you can afford it, we definitely recommend the purchase. 

While with careful planning and a long day at Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios Hollywood, you can definitely experience all of attractions offered - it's going to be a challenge and very exhausting.

Universal Express Pass truly allows you to have the ultimate experience at any of the Universal theme parks by spending less time in lines and more time having fun.

TIP: Check out our Universal Studios Hollywood Express Pass Guide for even more details!

Jurassic Park Discovery Center

Whenever we use Universal Express Pass at Universal, it's like a whole different experience.

Imagine a theme park where you almost quite literally walk onto every single ride with minimal waits. Sounds like a dream, right?

But with Universal Express Pass you get a small taste of what this might really be like with very heavily reduced wait times. 

If you have the budget for Universal Express Pass then we would almost always recommend making the purchase!



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