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Express Pass Guide, Tips & Savings: Universal Studios Hollywood Edition

Express Pass at Universal Studios Hollywood is a useful, but expensive add-on that can change the way you experience the theme park. 

We've created an Express Pass Guide specifically for Universal Studios Hollywood to help you decide if Express Pass will be a worthwhile investment during your trip to Universal!

Our Universal Studios Hollywood Express Pass Guide Covers:

  • What Is Universal Express Pass?
  • How Much Does Express Pass Cost at Universal Studios Hollywood?
  • Is Express Pass Worth It?
  • Tips For Using Express Pass at Universal Studios Hollywood!

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What Is Universal Express Pass?

Universal Express Pass is a skip-the-regular line add-on separate from a general admission ticket to Universal Studios Hollywood.

With Express Pass you gain access to the Express Pass Line at every Universal Studios Hollywood attraction (except for Mario Kart at this time) which is significantly shorter than the normal, general line.

The Express Pass Line is of course reserved only for those who purchased Universal Express Pass.

Based on our tests, the Express Pass Line is typically 80-90% shorter than the general line which can be a massive time saver. 

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How Much Does Express Pass Cost at Universal Studios Hollywood?

Universal Express Pass prices will often fluctuate day-to-day with the most expensive days being weekends and around the holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Spring Break, etc.).

Express Pass is extremely popular, with a price tag to match its popularity. It's not uncommon to see the prices more than, or even double, the price of your admission ticket!

You must purchase a Universal Express Pass that is dated for the same day your admission ticket is valid for, you cannot buy an Express Pass for a cheaper day and expect it to work when you arrive at Universal Studios if the dates don't match up.

Crowds of people at Wizarding World of Harry Potter

If you're trying to save some money on Universal Express Pass then we recommend visiting Universal Studios Hollywood Monday through Friday and away from any major holidays. 

Express Pass prices can also change based on demand, so if Express Pass is more popular than expected for a specific day, then it's very likely you'll see pricing start to increase.

Sample pricing for Universal Express Pass is illustrated in the calendar below:

Universal Studios Hollywood Express Pass Prices

Is Express Pass Worth It?

We here at Theme Park Center love Express Pass but recognize it’s a huge additional expense on top of an already pricey admission ticket.

If your visit to Universal Studios Hollywood is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion or something you don’t expect to do again for many years, then Express Pass is likely worth the cost.

This is especially true if you’ll only be visiting the park for one day and need to squeeze in as much as you can in one day. Express Pass is going to make this significantly easier to accomplish.

Universal Express Signs

If you’re spending more than one day at Universal Studios Hollywood, then Express Pass doesn’t have nearly the same value if you don’t mind waiting in a few 1+ hour-long lines.

Experiencing every attraction at Universal over two days is pretty easy to do with just a little bit of planning. 

In these cases, Express Pass probably isn’t going to be worth the price.

Lines of people outside of Universal Studios Hollywood

Finally, if you absolutely hate waiting in line, then Express Pass is probably a worthwhile investment.

We’ve found Express Pass typically reduces your time waiting in line by 80%-90%, which is a significantly less amount of time waiting in lines.

You’ll certainly spend more time having fun and way less time waiting around with an Express Pass!

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Tips For Using Express Pass at Universal Studios Hollywood!

TIP#1: Plan in advance!

Express Pass can sell out, so if you know you want it then purchase as far in advance as you can.

TIP #2: Be strategic with Express Pass use!

You can only use Express Pass one time per attraction at Universal, which means if you want to experience a ride more than once, you’ll need to wait in the regular line. If you see an attraction with a really low wait time, don’t be afraid to wait in the regular line and then come back later to use your Express Pass to get a second ride in!



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