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How To Get Free Universal Studios Tickets | 4 Best Ways

Theme Park tickets continue to get more and more expensive with Universal Studios being no exception to this trend. 

That leaves many to wonder if it might be possible to get free tickets to Universal Studios.

While it may sound too good to be true, we're sharing some of the most popular ways to get free Universal Studios tickets, as well as some methods to save money on tickets you can't get for free. 

Free Universal Studios Tickets

Take A Timeshare Tour

One of the easiest ways to get free Universal Studios tickets is by taking a timeshare tour. 

Timeshare companies offer multiple different incentives in exchange for taking a tour of their properties.

These incentives can range from an Amazon gift card to free Universal Studios tickets and sometimes even free hotel stays or cruises! 

Sorting Hat

Offers vary throughout the year, so be sure you know what you're getting into before signing up for a timeshare tour. 

While these tours are a relatively straightforward way to receive free tickets you will likely spend a few hours on the tour.

You should also expect to sit through multiple sales pitches and tactics encouraging you to purchase timeshare. 

Deciding if a timeshare is a good deal or not is entirely up to you and your travel habits, but free Universal Studios tickets are one of the many incentives you might see in exchange for taking a tour. 

Universal Studios Hollywood Entrance

Ask A Universal Employee/Become A Universal Employee

Universal Studios employees get an allotment of free tickets every year to give out to their friends and families as they please.

If you know a Universal Studios employee this might be a great time to ask for a favor or perhaps work out a trade in exchange for these tickets.

Universal Studios Globe

While Universal employees can't sell their tickets for cash you can trade other tickets, goods, and services with them in exchange for the tickets.

Employees of the larger Comcast company (including NBCUniversal) often get tickets as well which they can trade, but nearly to the same extent as Universal Orlando or Universal Studios Hollywood employees. 

Contests & Giveaways

Universal Parks & Resorts will have giveaways and contests which include an all-expenses paid vacation to Universal Studios a few times each year.

This is another easy way to get free tickets to Universal Studios (and more), but of course, there is a lot of luck involved. 

Universal Studios Hollywood Entrance Sign


Universal will also sometimes give tickets to local radio stations, tv stations, and businesses to giveaway to their audiences. 

Because this is a much smaller pool of people you'll have way better odds of actually winning versus the nationwide contests Universal runs themselves. 

A quick Google search should help you identify what Universal Studios ticket giveaways and contests are going on in your area.

Free Universal Tickets For Military Service Members

Unfortunately, Universal Studios does not give free tickets out to military service members or their families.

Luckily though there are nonprofits and charities like the Gary Sinise Foundation which provides paid vacations and tickets to theme parks like Universal Studios for military service members, veterans, and their families.

If you're a current or retired United States military service member then we would recommend looking into the Gary Sinise Foundation and other similar organizations to see what opportunities exist to receive free tickets. 

Discounted Tickets

If none of these options to get free tickets sound viable for your personal situation then we recommend looking into ways to save money by purchasing discounted tickets. 

Authorized Universal theme park ticket sellers like us here at Theme Park Center have tickets to Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood at prices often $10+ cheaper than buying directly from Universal. 

Some of the other most popular Authorized Universal Ticket Sellers include:



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