What is the Legoland Toll Booth? | Easily Explained

While you begin researching and planning your visit to Legoland, you'll often see the Legoland Toll Booth mentioned.

In this page, we will explain what it is, what it's used for, and the different types of booths at the park.

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What is the Legoland Toll Booth?

If you do not purchase parking online, the Legoland Toll Booth is where visitors can pay for parking in person in Legoland California and Legoland Florida (Legoland New York works a bit different with an Exit Toll).

legoland toll booth

This booth is located right outside of the entrance of the actual park, and typically opens 30-45 minutes before the Legoland park opens.

You won't be able to park your vehicle until this toll booth opens.

This is why you'll want to double check the opening hours for the Legoland location that you plan on visiting.

What is the Legoland Ticket Booth?

The Legoland Ticket Booth is where visitors can pay for tickets in person, if they do not purchase tickets online.

However, it's recommended that you purchase your Legoland tickets online, as some Legoland parks require reservations.

For those parks, you'll need a reservation for the day that you're planning on visiting, and won't be granted entry without a reservation.

When you purchase your tickets online, it's very easy to see which days are available for a reservation.

You'll be shown a calendar, with the dates that are unavailable being noticeably greyed out.

legoland reservation calendar


What is the Legoland Exit Toll?

Legoland New York has a different process than the other parks, as they have an Exit Toll.

How it Works

Visitors will only pay for parking once they're leaving the park, and they can pay at the Exit Toll.

If you've paid for parking online, you'll simply scan your pass (from your phone or a printed pass).

Visitors are able to Re-enter the lot with this pass if it is scanned on the same day of the visit.

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