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Can You Bring Food and Drinks Into Legoland New York? | Explained

Every theme park has its own rules of what you can or can't bring, and it can get a little overwhelming trying figure it out while also trying to plan your vacation.

In this page, we cover exactly what you can and can't bring into Legoland New York.

Can You Bring Food Into Legoland New York?

Guests are able to bring outside food and drinks into Legoland New York, with a few restrictions.

can you bring food into legoland new york

Guests are able to bring bottled water, snacks, and food that doesn't require heating.

Additionally, food or supplements required for medical purposes and special dietary needs and baby food & formula.

However, guests are not able to bring anything that contains glass, alcohol, or hard-sided coolers.

legoland new york entrance

According to Legoland New York, the below items prohibited at the park.

Prohibited Items

  • Any item deemed to be a weapon
  • Fireworks and/or smoke bombs
  • Noise Makers
  • Glass bottles or other articles which may cause injury and/or be deemed offensive or dangerous
  • Sharp objects or anything which may be considered a security risk including knives, penknives, scissors, corkscrews, metal nail files, toy or replica guns.
  • Intoxicating liquor
  • Illegal substances and/or legal highs
  • Skateboards, scooters and rollerblades
  • Drones
  • Suitcases
  • Coolers larger than 10”x12”x12” (Except School Trips)


Most visitors bring their own water bottles into the park due to easily being able to refill their water bottles throughout the day, by using the water stations around the park (located at the various restaurants).

Our favorite is the XACIOA 32 oz water bottle as it is:

xacioa water bottle


  • 100% leakproof
  • Doesn't have the chemical smell most water bottles come with,
  • And there are motivational messages on the side to track your progress and to remind you to stay hydrated

Additionally, it's cost-effective as you won't have to purchase a water bottle at the park.

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