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Can I Change the Name on a Legoland Ticket? | 2 Easy Ways

Have you ever put the wrong name on a ticket and/or misspelled a name?

Don't worry, it's more common than you think.

In this page, we will cover the easiest way to get that fixed.

Can I Change the Name on a Legoland Ticket?

Yes you can as long as the ticket has not been used yet.

You can simply head to Guest Services and they will be able to change the name on the ticket.

can i change the name on a legoland ticket

In our experience, they've been extremely helpful in finding quick and efficient solutions.

You can also change the name directly from the Manage My Booking portal.

manage my booking legoland portal

You'll enter your booking number, last name, email address and login, and change your reservation from that portal.

If Your Name is Wrong

During your visit, you will scan the barcode of your ticket in the turnstiles area.

If you decide to leave the park, or come back the next day and your barcode (for some reason) doesn't work..

If your name is wrong, it will be a long process getting everything sorted out, and eventually re-entering the park.


Legoland California

Guest Services is located directly on the right near the gates (#2 on the below screenshot).

legoland california guest services

Legoland Florida

Guest Services is located at the Admissions building by the turnstiles (#3 on the below screenshot).

legoland florida guest services

Legoland New York

Guest Services are located on the right hand side after entering the park (#2 on the below screenshot).

legoland new york guest services

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