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Ultimate Legoland New York Parking Guide: All You Need to Know

In this page, we'll explain all of the parking options that are available at Legoland New York, how much they cost, and how to save money on parking.

General/Standard Parking

legoland florida standard parking

General Parking is going to be your only option when parking at Legoland New York.

General Parking will be $25 consistently every day of the year, for cars and motorcycles.

Something to note - Oversized vehicles such as RVs, trailers, or buses must purchase parking at the Resort upon exit.

Consider Pre-Paying For Parking Online

legoland new york parking

Pre-paying for parking is not only cheaper (at times throughout the year), but allows you to enter the park much faster.

When you pre-pay for parking you can just show the park attendant the receipt, and they'll seamlessly let you through in seconds.

Whereas if you decide to pay at the park, you'll have to spend a few minutes there, as they process your payment, before providing you your receipt.

Take into consideration the hundreds of visitors who will do this while you're in line behind them, and you'll wish everyone had prepaid parking!

You're able to pre-pay for parking online directly from the Legoland New York site.


Preferred Parking is currently not offered at Legoland New York.


You are able to pre-pay for parking online, or pay at the toll booth once you arrive to the parking lot of the park.

Available forms of payment available for parking are cash or credit; the credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card.

If you are purchasing online, you'll simply head to the Legoland New York site, click on the 'Extras' tab and click on 'Parking'.

Do Buses & Bicycles Need to Pay For Parking?

No, Buses and bicycles are free.

How Can I Get Free Parking at Legoland

If you are a Platinum Annual Pass holder, you will not need to pay for parking as it is already included in your Annual Pass. 

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