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Kings Island's Camp Cedar: Everything You Need to Know

Conveniently located only less than a mile away from the Kings Island park, the Kings Island Campground is a fan-favorite area with really unique perks.

In this page, we will explain what Camp Cedar is, the types of sites and amenities it offers, and if transportation to the park is included.

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What is Camp Cedar?

For the first time in 15 years, Kings Island has opened their luxurious campsite known as Camp Cedar.

This 53 acre campsite features 73 beautiful cottages, 164 RV sites and two pools.

camp cedar cottage


What Makes it Special?

Most camping experiences can be very basic, in the sense of only receiving the basic amenities needed to camp for the night.

In Camp Cedar, you'll be introduced to a luxurious campsite with 5 types of cottages to choose from, an RV site, an entertainment center, a fitness room and even a sit-down restaurant.

kings island camp cedar cottages

This area is so large and so new, that it feels like its own little city, especially due to Belize Street.

Types of Cottages

All cottages available can sleep up to 4 guests, or up to 8 guests, aside from that they vary in styles. It all comes down to guest preference. You can read more about the different cottage styles here.

Hickory & Aspen

Can fit up to 8 guests, offer a stylish queen bedroom suite, full bathroom and shower, along with a kitchen.

hickory camp cedar

Mulberry, Sycamore & Birch

Can sleep up to 4 guests.

Fun Fact

Camp Cedar was a $27,000,000 project.

When is it Open?

Camp Cedar is open year round.

Belize Street

In this little city, guests can enjoy food-truck inspired dining, two different pools (one is adults only, the other is a 5,000 ft family pool), walking trails, ponds, a dog park, bathhouses, and camping must-have’s such as firepits, grills and picnic tables.

camp cedar pool

If you're in the mood to sit down and eat or grab some dessert, you'll want to make sure that you stop by Route 66 and Urban Cow.

Additionally, there is a lobby, fireplace, coffee, gelato bar, and a real bar. 

Who is Camp Cedar for?

For those looking for an amazing and unique outdoor adventure, while still maintaining the luxury that high-end hotels offer.

There are new and beautiful cottages available, as well as full-service RV sites, for those using their own accommodations.

camp cedar bed


Shuttles are available from the campsite to Kings Island, and back.

This is extremely convenient for guests as they don't have to worry about paying for parking, or even walking to the park.

After a long day at the park, the last thing that guests want to worry about are finding where they parked, or having to walk an extra mile to get to their campsite.

Where to Reserve a Campsite

You can seamlessly book directly from the VisitCampCedar site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Far is Camp Cedar from Kings Island?

Less than 1 mile away. Guests are able to use a shuttle to travel to and from the campsite.

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