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Kings Dominion's WinterFest: Everything You Need to Know

WinterFest at Kings Dominion is one of the most popular events of the year.

In this guide, we’ll explain what WinterFest is, how the park changes during this event, what rides and shows are included, and the best parts about the event.

What is WinterFest at Kings Dominion?

WinterFest is a holiday themed event that features a giant 300 foot tree, an ice skating rink, rides, live shows, strolling performers, and millions of lights.

kings dominion winterfest eiffel tower

WinterFest began on Nov. 25, 2022 lasting through Jan. 1, 2023. We will update these dates as we receive more information for the upcoming 2023 season.

When you first step inside the park, your senses will be immediately stimulated as the millions of holiday lights are in front of you, above you, and everywhere in between. 

Once your eyes become acclimated, then you'll catch yourself smelling the sweet aromas of the delicious food that they have to offer.

As if that wasn't enough, the holiday songs that are being played along with the live shows will catch your attention immediately.

How the Park Changes During WinterFest

Featuring 11 uniquely themed areas within walking distance, you will have a great time full of adventure as you explore the different aspects of the park that are only available a few months of the year.

kings dominion winterfest snoopy

For a set period of time, parts of the Kings Dominion park are carefully prepared for the WinterFest event.

This means that certain rides or normal locations may be temporarily replaced with a WinterFest themed event, but will return once it is over.

How the Lights Change During WinterFest

As mentioned above, one of the unique aspects that immediately stick out are the lights and none are more apparent than the giant tree.

kings dominion winterfest lights

The 300 feet tall Eiffel tower tree can be seen from long distances away and also makes a beautiful background to use to take pictures.

Containing over 40,000 ornaments throughout this giant tree, there are millions of other lights positioned throughout rides and shows that illuminate the park. 

WinterFest Lighting Spectacular

Park visitors gather for a lighting ceremony where there are 20 singers and dancers performing before announcing the countdown.

kings dominion winterfest show

The countdown starts at 10 and the audience joins along until the countdown reaches 1 and the switch is flipped to officially light up the Eiffel tower tree up for the night.

The lights then turn on and move through different patterns as the the oo's and ahh's are heard in the audience.

Other Lights Throughout the Park

Something that is so impressive in this event is that every light display is completely different to the next.

When you turn a corner in the park, completely different types of light displays are there to greet you, and it almost turns into a game to guess what you'll see next.

The Giant Ice Skating Rink

The 22,000 square foot ice skating rink located on the International street fountain (also known as I-Street) allows visitors to be able to skate their worries away.

kings dominion ice skating

Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery and entertaining environment and be able to skate by themselves or with a group.

In years past, the cost has been $15 for 90 minute session.

Activities For Kids

North Pole Post Office: Kids will be able to take a picture with Santa or even write a letter to him so he's well informed for Christmas.

kings dominion north pole office

Mrs. Clause's Kitchen: Kids will be able to decorate huge cookies to their liking, and once they are finished they can take a picture of their masterpiece. And of course when they are done, they can eat them!

kings dominion mrs clause kitchen

Petting Zoo: A stable of live animals are available to be pet or fed including animals such as camels and donkeys.

Types of Food During This Event

A holiday styled menu provides delicious meals and desserts that you'll be craving the rest of the night! As if that wasn't enough, there's also delicious hot chocolate.

kings dominion hot chocolate

There are a ton of different options as far as food goes, below we've listed our favorites.

Funnel Cake

kings dominion winterfest funnel cake

Loaded Waffle Fries

loaded waffle fries winterfest

Activities That You Can't Miss

Santa & Coca Cola

The Coca Cola Bear Plaza includes a 30 foot inflatable Santa holding the iconic Coca cola bottle.

kings dominion coca cola

No matter what year you were born in, the young and the elderly always gravitate towards this Santa and want to take a picture of it or even with it.


A very popular sight for visitors, there are multiple singing mushrooms who move while singing Christmas songs and carols. Make sure to stop by as they are a pillar of WinterFest!

kings dominion mushrooms


    Up to 34 characters are roaming around the park waiting to interact with you, and take pictures!

    kings dominion winterfest characters

    Characters include: Jack Frost, Candy Cane, Sugar Plum, Cookie Caramel, General Napoleon and much more. 

    Snow Occurs Inside of the Park

    While you're in the park, you'll notice snow dropping through the night! You'll realize pretty quickly that it's actually just soap, however little details like these help bring the holiday atmosphere to life.

    winterfest snoop

    Win Prizes During Events

    There are game locations throughout the park that are carnival styled! You will be able to play a game and have the opportunity to win prizes such as stuffed animals.

    This means if you're going on a date, this is a great place to take your loved one. However, you better win a prize and not come up short... No pressure!

    Where to Buy WinterFest Tickets

    You can purchase WinterFest tickets directly from the Kings Dominion site.

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