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Kings Dominion Campground: Everything You Need to Know

Conveniently located only 1.4 miles away from the Kings Dominion park, the Kings Dominion Campground is a fan-favorite area with really unique perks.

In this page, we will explain what the Kings Dominion Campground is, the types of sites and amenities it offers, and if transportation to the park is included.

    What is the Kings Dominion Campground?

    The Kings Dominion Campground is a camping area that includes deluxe cabins, RV's, tent sites and even a convenience store, all within minutes from the park.

    kings dominion koa campground

    Additionally, there's also a swimming pool, volleyball court, basketball court and a playground station.

    This campground offers an opportunity to experience the park in a unique way that most guests never have.

    Free Shuttle to the Park

    There's also a complimentary (free) shuttle that easily transports guests from the campground to the Kings Dominion park, and vice versa.

    What is KOA?

    You'll often see the initials 'KOA' anytime that a campground is mentioned.

    KOA stands for Kampgrounds of America, and they are the world's largest system of privately held campgrounds.

    With over 500 campgrounds in North America, KOA makes reserving campsites easy.

    They are renowned for their unique camping sites with friendly staff, hot showers, several activities and can be found all over the United States.

    Do you enjoy traveling with your fur friends? You'll be pleased to know this location is dog friendly as well.

    Why Visit This Campground?

    There are really three types of travelers who visit this campground, and each of them have their own reasons of why, which we cover below.

    Outdoor Lover

    The spontaneous outdoor lovers who want to visit the theme park but prefer to be on a campground in a deluxe cabin rather than booking a hotel stay.

    kings dominion cabin

    RV Travelers

    The adventurous travelers who enjoy traveling state to state in their RV's, and enjoy having a clean & safe place they can reserve ahead of time. 

    kings dominion rv park

    Outdoor Loving Families

    The families who love the outdoors and want to create unique experiences with one another while potentially saving money vs indoor stays.

    The visitors who aren't sure if they love camping (yet) but want to experience it to find out.

    kings dominion tent

    Camp Site Offerings

    Deluxe Cabins

    Deluxe Cabins can accommodate parties up to 10, with two full bathrooms, central heat and air conditioning, high-speed Wi-Fi and four flat-screen TVs complete with cable.


    • One bedroom
      • Queen sized bed
      • TV
    • Living room
      • Two futon sofas
      • TV
    • Bathroom
      • Tub & shower
    • Kitchen area
      • Microwave
      • Bar sink
      • Mini fridge
      • Coffee maker
      • Tables & chairs
    • Outdoor Patio
      • Charcoal grill
      • Picnic table
    • Essentials
      • Free Wifi
      • Air conditioning
      • Heat
      • Linens included

    RV Campsites - Camp

    • Full hookup available
    • Water & electric RV sites available
    • 50 amp service available
    • 30 amp service available
    • Free Wifi
    • Clean bathhouses located close to the campsite

    Pop Up & Tent Sites

    • Access to water
    • Access to electric
    • Free Wifi 
    • Clean bathhouses located close to the campsite

    Camp Wilderness Offerings

    Separate from the different locations where you can stay, the campground has plenty of amenities.

    • Free shuttle to Kings Dominion
    • Camp Convenience store
    • Playground
    • Volleyball court
    • Basketball court
    • Dog wash station
    • Dish washing station
    • Picnic pavilion
    • Swimming pool
      kings dominion swimming pool
    • Deck chairs

    Close Proximity With Neighbors

    Since at the end of the day this is still a campground site, you will have to be in relatively close proximity with your 'neighbor'.

    If you are looking to go camping with minimal human interaction, this may not be the best fit for you.

    However if you don't mind having neighbors and having a great & unique experience in the outdoors near a theme park, then you will love this.

    How to Reserve a Camp Site

    You can reserve a camp site directly from the KOA campgrounds site.

    From there, you'll choose in what type of campsite that you want to stay, what dates you are checking in/out, how many guests are coming, and if you're bringing any equipment.

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