Kings Dominion Fast Lane Pass: Everything You Need to Know

In this guide we'll go over what a Fast Lane pass in Kings Dominion is, what it allows you to do, what rides it includes, and where to buy them.

    What is a Fast Lane Pass?

    A Fast Lane pass allows you to skip the regular line to certain attractions.

    Once you have purchased a pass, you will receive a wristband that grants you access to the fast lane line.

    kings dominion fast lane pass

    How to Skip the Line

    For almost all attractions, there will be a separate, and more direct line that you will go through, rather than the regular line, which typically has many more turns and therefore is much longer.

    fast lane

    Regular lines are designed to be very lengthy to accommodate guests on a crowded day.

    A Fast lane pass also allows you to skip the line an unlimited number of times on the day that you purchased the pass.

    Technically, you can go through the fast lane line, ride the ride, get off the ride, exit and go back through the fast lane entrance line to ride again.

    kings dominion roller coaster

    You can do all of this before those who are waiting in the regular line have moved a few feet on a crowded day.

    Admission is Not Included With Fast Lane

    Purchasing a Fast Lane ticket is separate from buying admission (Btw you can Save $10 per ticket on the weekends when you purchase with us!)

    You will need to purchase both admission and a fast lane pass to use the fast lane pass at the park.

    Cheaper During the Week

    Something important to note is the price of Fast lane passes vary and are cheaper during the week(vs weekends).

    save money

    Also, due to the their popularity, fast lane passes can sell out.

    When Should I Get a Fast Lane Pass?

    If you're only visiting for 1 day, you will want to get the most out of your day.

    You will have a much better experience if you're able to experience rides quickly and move on to the next one rather than waiting in line.

    If you hate waiting in lines in general, this may be a great fit for you.

    During busy days, wait times can be upwards of 1 hour.

    You can avoid this with a fast lane pass.


    If you plan to travel on a busy day (Check the Crowd Calendar to see), even if you get to the park early, as the day progresses the crowd will eventually show up.

    These passes can help your experience tremendously.

    When Should I Not Get a Fast Lane Pass?

    If you're planning to visit the park on less crowded day, where the lines will naturally be less long.

    If waiting in line isn't a big deal to you and you don't mind waiting throughout the day.

    Fast Lane vs Fast Lane Plus - Differences

    Below you'll find the rides that are included with each pass.

    Fast Lane Fast Lane Plus
    Intimidator 305
    Twisted Timbers
    Backlot Stunt Coaster
    Backlot Stunt Coaster

    Bad Apple

    Bad Apple
    Blue Ridge Tollway Blue Ridge Tollway
    Delirium Delirium
    Drop Tower
    Drop Tower
    Flying Eagle
    Flying Eagle
    Shenandoah Lumber Co
    Shenandoah Lumber Co
    Wave Swinger
    Wave Swinger
    Wind Seeker
    Wind Seeker


    The main differences between Fast Lane and Fast Lane Plus are that Fast Lane doesn't include Dominator, Intimidator 305, Twisted Timbers and Tumbili.

    kings dominion fast lane plus

    Season Pass Fast Lane Plus

    A season pass is also offered for Fast Lane plus and this is very convenient if you're planning on purchasing a season pass for Kings Dominion.

    kings dominion season pass fast lane plus

    That's an entire season of not having to wait in lines, which can really add up!

    Platinum All Season Fast Lane Plus 

    If you're a Cedar Fair fanatic, we have some good news for you.

    There's also a Platinum pass offered which grants you fast lane plus access all season for ALL Cedar Fair parks!

    platinum all season fast lane plus

    Fright Lane Passes

    Fright Lane passes are something that are occasionally offered during the Halloween season, specifically during Halloween Haunt.

    They work similarly to Fast Lane passes, as you'll be able to skip the regular lines for 7 Haunt mazes, one time each.

    fright lane passes

    Where Can I Buy a Fast Lane Pass?

    Directly from the Kings Dominion Site.

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