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Easiest Ways To Get Free Parking At Universal Orlando | How-To Guide & Tips

With the price of parking at Universal Studios Orlando now starting at $30 a day, finding a way to park for free can be a massive money saver.

Our guide to free parking at Universal Orlando details every way you can get free parking as well as other tips to save money on your next visit!

Topics We'll Cover About Parking at Universal Orlando:

  • How To Get Free Parking!


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Get An Annual Pass

If you plan to visit Universal Orlando multiple times throughout the year then purchasing an Annual Pass is a great way to get free parking. 

The Preferred and Premier Annual Passes offer free regular parking while the Power Pass offers 50% off regular parking.


Universal Annual Pass Logos


The Premier Annual Pass actually goes one step further by offering free Prime Parking and Valet Parking (except for on HHN nights) in addition to standard parking. 

Depending on how many times you plan to visit Universal Orlando over the course of a year it's worth the time to do some number crunching and see how much money you might be able to save with an Annual Pass.

Universal Orlando Parking Entrance


TIP: Only one person in the vehicle needs to have a Preferred or Premier Annual Pass to get free parking, so if a friend or family member has one of these passes then you'll be able to get free parking! 

Purchase Movie Tickets

If you purchase two movie tickets for the Universal Cinemark movie theater for a matinee showtime (11AM - 6PM) then you will also be eligible for free standard parking. 

You'll need to pay the parking fee at the tollbooth, but you'll be refunded the parking fee at Universal Cinemark after purchasing two movie tickets. 

parking toll booth at universal orlando

Be sure to bring your parking receipt with you to Universal Cinemark to prove you paid for parking otherwise you won't receive your parking reimbursement. 

This offer is only available for matinee showtimes, so keep in mind that if your movie starts outside of these hours then you're not eligible for this special offer.

Arrive After 6PM

Parking is actually complimentary for all Universal Orlando guests after 6PM!

With the exception of Halloween Horror Night event dates, the parking fees at Universal Orlando are lifted each day of the week right at 6PM. 

Dudley Doo Ride

Universal Orlando takes the 6PM start time very seriously as we've arrived at the tool booths as late as 5:50PM in the past and have still been charged for parking.

With Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure sometimes staying open as late as 11PM (with CityWalk staying open even later), planning a trip to the parks after 6PM can save you some money!

Ride With A Universal Orlando Employee

Universal Orlando employees actually get free parking when they visit the parks! 

If you have a friend or family member who works at Universal Orlando and visiting the parks with you - all they need to do is ride be in your car to get you free parking!

Universal Studios Florida Entrance

The Universal employee only needs to be in the vehicle and does not need to be in drivers seat.

Other Money Saving Tips

Another great way to save money at Universal is by purchasing your theme park tickets from an authorized discount ticket seller like Theme Park Center

Tickets from authorized discount ticker sellers can be $10+ cheaper than buying your tickets at the Universal Orlando front gate. 

You can easily recoup the cost of the parking fee just by purchasing your tickets online!



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