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Is CityWalk At Disney? | Location Explained & Where Else To Go

CityWalk, Disney Spring, and Downtown Disney are some of the most popular entertainment complexes in the world, and often confusing to figure out where each is located.

On this page we'll detail where CityWalk is and some other similar locations to consider if CityWalk is too far for you to make the trip!

Questions We'll Answer About CityWalk + CityWalk Alternatives:

  • Is CityWalk At Disney?
    • Walt Disney World
    • Disneyland
  • Where To Go Instead Of CityWalk!
    • Similar Locations


Universal CityWalk Sign with King Kong 

Is CityWalk At Disney?

If you're looking for CityWalk at Walt Disney World then you might be trying to find Disney Springs

There is no CityWalk at Walt Disney World, however, Disney Springs is a very similar entertainment complex with shopping, loads of restaurants, movie theaters, and tons more!

CityWalk is located at Universal Orlando (Disney's biggest competitor) which is about 10 miles away from Walt Disney World. 

Walkway Into CityWalk

You'll need to take an Uber, or Lyft or drive a car to CityWalk from Disney as there are very limited transportation options between the two destinations!

If you're looking for CityWalk at Disneyland then you've also come to the wrong place. Disneyland is home to Downtown Disney!

Like Disney Springs, Downtown Disney is an entertainment complex made up of various restaurants, shops, and a bowling alley. 

The nearest CityWalk to Disneyland is at Universal Studios Hollywood which is nearly 30 miles from Disneyland and, in our opinion, isn't worth the drive.

CityWalk Panoramic Shot At Night

Where To Go Instead Of CityWalk!

If you're disappointed that CityWalk is too far of a drive for you to make, we have a few alternative suggestions to consider.

Disney Springs is the first major alternative to CityWalk as the two destinations are very similar to each other.  Both destinations have shopping, dining, a movie theater, and live entertainment. 

While CityWalk has a couple of more adult-oriented clubs and bars (+ a tattoo parlor!), Disney Springs also has a few great locations to grab a drink!

While CityWalk does have an escape room experience which Disney Springs is missing, you have bowling and even a Cirque Du Soleil show to watch at Disney Springs. 

Lego Maleficent and Prince

We consider Disney Springs to be the superior destination with better food quality/options, free parking all day, and a much wider variety of shops to browse. There simply is way more to do at Disney Springs and the atmosphere feels a bit more premium to CityWalk. 

Another alternative option to CityWalk is Disney's BoardWalk.

A much more laidback experience if you're fine with sacrificing many of the food and shopping options at CityWalk, Disney's BoardWalk makes for the perfect relaxing evening. 

BoardWalk is a free place to visit located near the EPCOT resort area and only a 5-minute drive from Disney Springs. BoardWalk is a charming recreation of the boardwalks typically found in the northeastern United States, but of course with very special Disney touches and design.  

Disney's BoardWalk sign and staircase

Disney Springs and CityWalk dwarf BoardWalk in food and dining options, but BoardWalk is by far a more scenic location.

You'll also escape the hustle and bustle of CityWalk and Disney Springs which can get extremely crowded - BoardWalk tends to draw much smaller crowds. 

We really can't recommend BoardWalk enough. It's a hidden gem at Walt Disney World that, despite not packing the variety of dining and shopping choices as Disney Springs or CityWalk, is still a great spot to spend an evening away from the theme parks. 

If you are hoping to stop into one of the Walt Disney World theme parks after all then as a bonus you'll find a walkway to both Hollywood Studios and EPCOT connected to BoardWalk.



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