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Best Food at Universal Studios Hollywood | Top 5 List & Recommendations

Contrary to popular belief, theme park food isn't all hamburgers and chicken tenders! Universal Studios Hollywood has some unique and very tasty food options that we'll share today.

Below we're featuring our top five food choices to consider when you're getting hungry at Universal Studios!

Our recommendations range from the best in flavor, sweet treats and even healthy options to help satisfy any appetite.

Questions We'll Answer About Food At Universal Studios Hollywood:

  • What Are The Best Food Items At Universal Studios?

    Taco Platter at Cocina Mexicana

    taco platter at universal studios hollywood

    The first food item to appear on our list is a huge fan favorite at Universal Studios Hollywood!

    The taco platter at Cocina Mexicana allows you to choose from a variety of meats and includes a side of refried beans and warm tortilla chips.

    Your protein options include beef, chicken tinga, citrus carnitas or a meat free option of Beyond Meat Chorizo.

    The citrus carnitas is our top choice, but the Beyond Meat Chorizo is right up there as well and a can't miss food item if you're looking to go meat-free. 

    Each taco is topped with diced onion, cilantro and queso fresco, but you can ask to have any of the toppings withheld when ordering though you won't regret getting all the toppings!

    TIP: The churro bites and chocolate tres leches cake are amazing dessert options to indulge in with your tacos!

    The Great Feast at The Three Broomsticks

    the great feast at universal studios hollywood

    The Great Feast is a massive platter of food designed to be shared by a group of four (extra servings can be added for a fee, but is a totally optional add-on)!

    The Great Feast is served in two courses: salad and entrees.

    The salad is a fresh garden salad topped with a tasty house vignette dressing, but of course the highlight here are the entrees.

    Generous portions of spare ribs and rotisserie chicken await after the salad is finished. Both the spare ribs and chicken have just the right bit of smokiness and are fairly juice.

    The meats are all of good quality especially when considering you are at a theme park where meals must be made in huge quantities! 

    Accompanying the spare ribs and chicken as sides are corn on the cob and roasted potatoes which pair very well with this hearty meal. 

    You'll definitely have a lot of calories to walk off after this massive feast!

    Desserts at Minion Cafe

    This wouldn't be a proper list of top foods at Universal Studios Hollywood if we didn't include dessert! Thankfully, Minion Cafe has quite a variety of sweets that are worth trying.

    If you have to pick just one dessert definitely go with the Nutella Banana Bread Pudding. 

    Taking after the Minion's favorite fruit, the banana bread pudding is a refreshing treat to enjoy when you need to escape the heat during a long at at the park. 

    We'd also recommend trying the mini churro bites!

    They're similar to the churro bites at Cocina Mexicana and equally as delicious. 

    Chicken Waffle Sandwich at Cletus' Chicken Shack

    cletus' chicken shack at universal studios hollywood

    Our personal favorite at Theme Park Center is the Chicken Waffle Sandwich at Cletus' Chicken Shack. 

    Cletus has a bit of chicken for everyone: grilled chicken, chicken tenders, chicken salad, but the Chicken Waffle Sandwich steals the show here. 

    A massive, tender piece of super crispy chicken is sandwiched between two fluffy waffles.

    A drizzle of maple mayo sauce is what really makes this dish come together and is make our mouthes water writing about it! 

    chicken waffle sandwich at universal studios hollywood

    The Chicken Waffle Sandwich certainly isn't the healthiest food option at Universal Studios Hollywood, but it certainly is one of the tastiest. It doesn't matter if it's for lunch or dinner, the Chicken Waffle Sandwich is always a must-have of our's when we're in the parks.

    Isla Burger or Citrus Glazed Chicken at Jurassic Cafe

    Our final pick is one of the more healthy, but still filling, food options available at Universal Studios Hollywood.

    If you're looking for a clean meal while at the parks then the Citrus Glazed Chicken is a great option.

    The chicken isn't packed with nearly as much flavor as the Chicken Waffle Sandwich or Taco Platter, but as lower calorie food choice it certainly does the trick.

    If you're not counting calories then we'd totally recommend giving the Isla Burger a try instead! 

    isla burger at universal studios hollywood


    Photos courtesy of: Gary Moss /Universal Studios

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