5 Best Rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain

In this guide we will list out the best rides that Six Flags Magic Mountain offers, how each one is unique, and actual (point of view) videos of the rides!

twisted colossus magic mountain ride

Table of Contents

  1. X2
  2. Tatsu
  3. The Riddler's Revenge
  4. Lex Luthor
  5. Twisted Colossus

1. X2

The world's first 4D coaster is hands down one of the weirdest, yet amazing experience that you'll ever have if you're a fan of coasters.

The seats actually spin while you're riding the ride, so it feels like you're riding two rides at once.

If you're searching for an adrenaline pump, there is no need to look further.

From the moment that you sit in the seat and buckle in, the seats will tilt backwards, and take you to the first massive climb.

Buckle up for the first drop because after that it's time to spin, turn, and everything in between.

This ride reaches speeds of up to 76 miles per hour. 


Around 2 minutes.

x2 magic mountain

Fun Facts

X2 was actually used to just be named 'X'.

It cost $45,000,000 to build in 2002, and another $10,000,000 to renovate a few years later.

2. Tatsu

This steel flying roller coaster was the world's tallest and fastest until 2016, and is the only flying coaster that features a zero-gravity roll.

If you've never experienced a flying coaster, it's a unique experience. You'll sit down in your seat, buckle up, and then your seats will tilt forward, putting you in a prone position.

You'll ride this ride the same way that superman flies.

The ride begins by making a right turn and then climbing the first giant hill. Once you've made it to the top it's time to take a nose dive down!

Tatsu makes you feel like you're flying at 60+ miles per hour through the park.

You'll reach speeds of up to 62 miles per hour on this ride.


2 minutes

tatsu magic mountain

Fun Facts

Tatsu has the world's highest pretzel loop.

Tatsu cost $15,000,000 to build and features 4 inversions.

3. The Riddler's Revenge

What if I told you that you could ride a coaster while standing up? If you were telling me that for the first time, I wouldn't believe you either!

The Riddler's Revenge is a stand up roller coaster that features 6 inversions. You read that correctly, you'll be upside down at times while standing up.

The ride begins by climbing the first big hill, and once you've made it to the top, you'll make a sharp left and experience the first drop.

Immediately after the first drop, you'll go straight to the first inversion (while standing up), so make sure that you're ready for it!

You'll reach speeds of up to 65 miles per hour.


3 minutes.

riddlers revenge magic mountain

Fun Facts

The first drop that riders will experience is 146 feet.

Riddler's Revenge opened in 1998 for a cost of $14,000,000.

4. Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom

The world's tallest drop tower is extremely recognizable around the park.

This ride is a very simple design as it simply goes up and down. However, it begins by going upwards very slowly, and it does a great job of building suspense for all riders.

Once you've made it to the highest point, you'll hear Dr. Doom's laugh, there'll be a pause of several seconds, and you'll suddenly be going directly down at insane speeds.

You'll reach speeds of up to 85 miles per hour.


1 minute 17 seconds.

lex luthor drop of doom

Fun Facts

Lex Luthor actually merged with the Superman ride's structure.

5. Twisted Colossus

This dual tracked roller coaster is another awesome experience that the park provides. Unlike most modern coasters, there'll be another track (and coaster) full of riders, only feet away.

One train is staggered a few seconds ahead, so although you will not be able to be directly across from the other riders, you'll still be close enough to see them.

This is one of the longer rides at the park, and that's due to the track spanning almost 5,000 feet!

You'll reach speeds of up to 57 miles per hour on this ride.


3 minutes 40 seconds.

twisted colossus magic mountain

Fun Facts

One of the coolest parts of the ride is how low riders actually are at various parts of the ride. It's almost just inches above the floor, and this is usually only reserved for kiddie rides, which we can safely say is not the case here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Most Intense Ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain?

X2, no question. As the world's first 4D coaster, you'll be spinning in your seat while going on drops, inversions and even turns. There's no ride that compares to this one right now. This ride is so intense that you'll seemingly never get a chance to adjust to it during the actual ride.

How Fast are the Rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain?

There are many fast rides at Magic Mountain, our top 5 rides vary from 57 miles per hour to 85 miles per hour. However don't be fooled, even the 'slower' rides feel like they're much faster due to the sharp turns and/or inversions.

Can I Bring a Backpack to Magic Mountain?

Yes, just know that your backpack will be subject to inspection at the front gate. Due to this, it may also take longer to get into the actual park (compared to if you didn't have a backpack).

Is Magic Mountain Scary?

Yes and no. If you're a thrill seeker, this will be a paradise. If you're not too fond of high speeds, thrills, and giant drops, then it can be a little scary at times especially if you decide to ride rides such as X2.

Does Six Flags Have the Best Roller Coasters?

If you're looking for 'fast & furious' rides/coasters, then in our opinion, absolutely yes. However it all comes down to preference. Whereas other parks have different types of rides & shows that vary in speed, Magic Mountain is catered specifically to the thrill seekers.

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