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5 Best Rides at Busch Gardens Williamsburg | Easily Explained

In this guide, we will list out the best rides that Busch Gardens Virginia offers, how each one is unique and actual (point of view) videos of the rides.

1. Pantheon

Although Pantheon is the newest ride at the park, it has quickly become a fan favorite.

Reaching speeds of up to 73 miles per hour, a vertical angle of 95 degrees, and 2 inversions, it's easy to see why.

Pantheon will also take riders on a unique experience in the middle of the ride, by almost reaching the top of a hill, only to begin going backward.


2 minutes 30 seconds.

Fun Facts

Pantheon is themed after Ancient Rome, and actually replaced 'Project Madrid'.

    2. Apollo's Chariot

    This hyper coaster is known for giving riders the 'floating feeling' throughout the ride.

    If you enjoy air-time, you will love this ride.

    Despite not featuring any inversions, this fan favorite coaster features a variety of sharp drops that will have you floating from your seat.

    Unlike other rides where most of the action is packed in the beginning, everything is very consistent from the beginning to the end.

    In fact, there are even multiple consecutive mini drops to finish off the ride.


    2 minutes 15 seconds.

    Fun Facts

    Riders will reach speeds of up to 71 miles per hour on this ride.

    3. Griffon

    The first thing that you'll notice when you see the Griffon ride is the large amount of people it seats per row.. 10!

    This ride begins by immediately climbing the first giant drop in what will feel like a lifetime.

    Once you've made it to the top however, you'll have a few more seconds as you hover over a flat portion of the ride before it makes a complete stop at the top...

    Riders will have a brief moment of suspense to stare down at what they're about to experience, before launching down and reaching speeds of up to 71 miles per hour!


    3 minutes.

    Fun Facts

    Although there are only 3 rows per vehicle on this ride, Griffon still seats 30 riders per vehicle.

    4. Alpengeist

    If you enjoy thrills, you'll find plenty here.

    Alpengeist is an inverted roller coaster that features 6 inversions throughout the ride.

    The ride begins by slowly climbing the massive first drop, before making a sharp right and diving straight down.

    Right after the drop, riders will experience the first inversion. If you've never experience an inversion on an inverted coaster it's a very unique experience.

    Riders will reach speeds of up to 67 miles per hour.

    The steel roller coaster provides a very smooth-feeling that many visitors enjoy.


    Fun Facts

    When this coaster opened in 1997, it was the tallest inverted coaster in the world.

    5. Verbolten

    This steel roller coaster takes riders on an outdoor and indoor experience.

    The ride begins at a slow pace, until of course you enter the dark tunnel and that's where the adventure begins.

    One of the unique aspects of this ride is that the largest drop takes place in the middle of the ride, after surviving the dark tunnel experience. To top things off, this drop is positioned right by the water which provides an amazing view.

    Riders will reach speeds of up to 53 miles per hour on this ride.

    The best spot to ride this ride is in the front row!


    3 minutes 25 seconds.

    Fun Facts

    Verbolten translates to 'Forbidden' in the english language.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Many Roller Coasters are in Busch Gardens Williamsburg?

    There are currently 8 roller coasters in the park.

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