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5 Rides at Six Flags Over Georgia That You Can't Miss | Explained

In this guide we will list out the best rides that Six Flags Over Georgia offers, how each one is unique, and actual (point of view) videos of the rides!

six flags over georgia rides

Table of Contents

  1. Goliath
  2. Twisted Cyclone
  3. The Riddler Mind Bender
  4. Superman Ultimate Flight
  5. Dare Devil Dive

 1. Goliath

This hyper coaster is hands down the best coaster in the park. 

The lower lap bars allow riders to get the 'floating' feeling during the ride as well as getting the full experience of air-time.

On top of that, riders will experience the massive 540 degree helix on the way down.

With each turn throughout the helix, the ride becomes more intense and powerful.

To finish off the ride, most rides lean on the calmer side.. Not here. Riders will experience massive airtime through the hills to finish off the ride. 


3 minutes 30 seconds.

Fun Facts

This coaster opened in 2006 and cost $20,000,000 to build.

2. Twisted Cyclone

Twisted Cyclone is everything that the name implies.

Featuring a zero gravity roll, downward wave turn & reverse cobra roll, if you're in the mood for thrills, look no further.

The most unique part about this ride is that riders will experience sideways air time!

That's right, during the downward wave turn you'll feel like you're flying out of your seat, however you're experiencing that drop sideways.

It was tough not to put this ride at #1. In fact, we'd consider this ride 1a to Goliath.


1 minute 20 seconds.

Fun Facts

This is one of the newer rides of the park, having opened in 2018.

3. The Riddler Mind Bender

As one of the older rides at the park, make no mistake about it, it is still just as popular.

The most talked about part of this ride are the 2 giant inverted loops that riders will go through. The force and intensity of these loops are not meant for beginner riders.

When this coaster opened, it was touted as the world's first triple loop roller coaster.

Riders will reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour on the Riddler.


2 minutes 33 seconds.

Fun Facts

This ride opened in 1978 and cost $2,800,000 to build.

4. Superman Ultimate Flight

If you've ever wondered what it may feel like to fly like Superman, well you can find out here.

This flying roller coaster will position riders in a prone position, also known as the Superman position, and it will genuinely feel as if you're flying.

You won't be just flying through the air however, as riders will at a point even go through a tunnel before exiting at high speeds.


2 minutes.

Fun Facts

This ride opened in 2002 and replaced the older Viper ride.

5. Dare Devil Dive

One thing you'll never forget after riding this ride is the beyond vertical drop.

This ride gets right into the action, as it immediately begins climbing the massive first drop.

Then without a pause, it begins dropping, and you'll never forget the meaning of what a beyond vertical drop is.

This ride is full of twists and turns and 3 inversions.

Additionally, the over the lap bars provide a more open-air experience that riders love.


1 minute 40 seconds.

Fun Facts

Dare Devil opened in 2011 and cost $9,000,000 to build. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Six Flags Over Georgia Have Any New Rides?

Twisted Cyclone is one of the newer rides debuting in 2018, and Mind Bender was updated in 2020 to the Riddler Mind Bender.

What is the Scariest Ride at Six Flags Over Georgia?

The scariest ride at the park is absolutely Goliath. From the massive 540 degree helix, all the way to the end of the ride where riders experience tremendous hang times, it definitely fits the 'scary bill'.

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