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Are Kids Free at Disney World? | Easily Explained

In many places in Florida, children of certain ages are able to get in free of charge and receive additional benefits.

In this page, we will explain if kids are able to get in for free at Disney World, and if there are any other places where kids get in for free.

Are Kids Free at Disney World?

Toddlers of ages 0-2 are able to get into Disney World for free, without needing an additional ticket purchased for them. Adults can simply scan their own ticket, and walk in with their toddler.

are kids free at disney world

Disney will use the age that the child will be on the day of their visit.

Children that are 2 years old will also need to still be 2 years old on the day of their visit.

Otherwise, children 3 years of age and older will need to have their own valid (kid) ticket, to enter any of the Disney World parks.

disney world ticket

Is There An Age Verification Process?

Disney Cast Members will not ask for proof that your child is under 3 years old.

However, if you have any concern you can bring your child's birth certificate to the park.

Other Perks With a Toddler at Disney World

Children under the age of 3 also have other perks such as:

  • Free Dining
  • Free Genie+
  • Free Disney Hotel Stay

Free Dining

Children under the age of 3 years old are able to eat for free at almost all Disney World restaurants.

burget and fries at disney

There are two styles of restaurants that can be found on Disney property:

  • Buffet-style
  • Regular sit-down restaurants

For Buffet-style restaurants, children under 3 years old will be able to have their own individual plate, and eat as much as they want.

For regular sit-down restaurants where everything is ordered individually, children under 3 years old will only be allowed to share off of an adult's plate.

shrimp salad at disney

Free Genie+

Disney's Genie+ service will still be an additional cost to visitors, except for children under 3 years old.

Keep in mind that to use this service, you'll still need to make the reservation, and your child will need to meet the height requirements for the ride.

Free Disney Hotel Stay

At Disney hotels, children under 3 years of age will also be free of charge, you'll just simply need to inform the hotel that you're bringing a toddler.

This can be done during the reservation process online or through the phone, as well as in person at the front desk.

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