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Disneyland Luggage Storage | Best Options & Policies

Looking for somewhere to store your luggage while at Disneyland is a confusing process due to the extremely limited options available to do so. 

In our Disneyland Luggage Storage Guide, we'll dive into what options are available for luggage storage at Disneyland, California Adventure, and Downtown Disneyland, as well as what policies Disneyland has in place regarding luggage storage. 

Questions We'll Answer About Luggage Storage at Disneyland:

  • Can You Store Your Luggage At Disneyland or California Adventure?
  • Can You Store Your Luggage At Downtown Disneyland?
  • What Other Storage Options Are Available?

Disney California Adventure Locker Location

Can You Store Your Luggage At Disneyland or California Adventure?

Formal luggage storage like what you usually find at a hotel isn't available at Disneyland or California Adventure.

Guest services at either Disneyland or California Adventure aren't allowed to hold your luggage for you. This includes the guest services location right outside of Disneyland as well.

Most large suitcases might not even make it through security.

Depending on the size and shape of your smaller luggage, you may be able to pass through security after a thorough inspection, but we typically recommend only bringing a backpack or small duffle bag into the parks with you. 

Row of Lockers at Disneyland

Disneyland and California Adventure both have lockers available to rent with a maximum size of 18” wide, by 25” high, by 37” deep. If your luggage fits within these dimensions you may be able to store them in a locker, but we still wouldn't count on being able to do this.

Lockers at Disneyland and California Adventure have limited availability, with these larger lockers being especially hard to come by. 

If you're planning to store your luggage in a locker, but all of the lockers are taken when you arrive, then you're going to be out of luck! 

Small World Ride Facade

Can You Store Your Luggage At Downtown Disneyland?

Similarly to the theme parks, you aren't going to find a formal place to leave your luggage at Downtown Disneyland. 

However, the jumbo-sized lockers mentioned above are actually located outside of the Disneyland theme park in the Esplanade area

This means that you don't need a theme park ticket to access these lockers and store your items here. 

Downtown Disneyland Wideshot

If you can get your luggage through security, then you'll be able to use the 18”W, x 25”H, x 37”D sized lockers located just outside the entrance of Disneyland theme park. 

Most large luggage bags are not going to be allowed to pass through security however. We don't recommend taking the risk here unless you have a backup plan in place.

Remember, lockers are limited in availability and if they're all in use by the time you arrive, you may not have any alternative options to store your luggage!

What Other Storage Options Are Available?

With your luggage potentially not being allowed through security and lockers being in limited supply, it's always good to have alternative plans for your luggage.

If you're able to keep your luggage in your car then we've found the parking garages at Disneyland to be pretty safe. In the uncommon event that something does happen to your luggage though, you will be responsible and Disneyland won't be able to reimburse you.

It's also worth calling some of the hotels in the surrounding areas to see if they will hold your luggage at the bell desk or concierge desk. 

Main Street Railroad Station

Some of the hotels in the area may do this for a fee. Call in advance to see what options might be available!

Finally, some of the Disneyland Resort Hotels may hold your luggage for you.

If you're a guest of the Disneyland Hotel, Grand Californian, or Pixar Place hotels then they will definitely hold your luggage for you.

If you're not a guest then depending on availability they may do so for a fee, but this option is often unavailable... but worth trying! 



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