How to Change a Name on a Disneyland Ticket | Explained

Did you misspell your name or put the wrong name on your ticket? Have no fear!

In this page we will explain the easiest ways of how to change a name on a Disneyland Ticket.

Table of Contents

Changing Name Through the Phone

In order to change a name on a Disneyland ticket, you'll have to contact Disneyland directly. You can do this by calling Disney's Technical Support at (714) 520-6222 or Disneyland Ticket Services at (714) 781-4636.

Here they will be able to reassign your ticket to the appropriate person and/or correct name.

disneyland ticket change name

Changing Name in Person

Don't feel like waiting on the phone? You're also able to head directly to the entrance of the Disneyland resort, and stop by the main entrance Ticket Booth. Here, you'll be able to be face to face with an employee, where you can explain your issue, and they'll seamlessly be able to resolve it.

What to Bring

It's better to be over-prepared than sorry! Make sure that you have your ticket pulled up on your phone, or in-hand, as well as your Driver's License/Identification card ready to go.

This will ensure that you have the quickest resolution possible, and spend more time enjoying the actual park.

Changing Name Through the App or Website

Unfortunately you will be unable to change the name of your ticket on the Disneyland app. You will have to use one of the following options mentioned above.

If this option becomes available in the near future, we will update this article accordingly.