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Best Spots To See The EPCOT Fireworks From BoardWalk | Guide & Tips

With BoardWalk being just footsteps away from EPCOT, it's common to wonder if you'll be able to see the fireworks - even with that giant ball in the way!

In our BoardWalk Fireworks Guide, we'll walk you through what you can and can't see from BoardWalk along with some helpful tips!

Questions We'll Answer About Fireworks at BoardWalk

  • Can You See EPCOT Fireworks From BoardWalk?
  • Can You See Other Fireworks From Boardwalk?
  • Best Spot To See EPCOT Fireworks at BoardWalk


Disney's BoardWalk Inn Hotel Entrance

Can You See EPCOT Fireworks From BoardWalk?

Yes, you can see the EPCOT fireworks from Disney's BoardWalk, but you're going to need to be mindful of your viewing location. 

You won't be able to see the EPCOT fireworks from every single area of BoardWalk, though you'll be able to see some of the fireworks from a majority of the BoardWalk area. 

You'll also need to keep in mind that the firework show was designed for those inside EPCOT, so your viewing angle might make the fireworks look less impressive than they really area. 

Disney's BoardWalk Entrance Stairs

If you're okay with missing parts of the firework show or having a few buildings and trees in your way during the show then BoardWalk isn't a bad place to watch the EPCOT fireworks. 

Any projections, lasers or pyrotechnics are also going to be difficult to see from the BoardWalk.

While you may be able to catch a glimpse of these special effects from some of the best viewing locations at BoardWalk (detailed below), you're going to miss most of these elements.

Spaceship Earth Illuminated During EPCOT Fireworks

If you don't have tickets/park reservations to EPCOT or simply don't feel like walking over to the park (there's an entrance to EPCOT from BoardWalk!) then the BoardWalk isn't too bad of a spot to watch the EPCOT fireworks from. 

However, for the "full" show experience we always recommend actually going into EPCOT and watching the fireworks from the World Showcase. 

Can You See Other Fireworks From BoardWalk?

You may sometimes be able to catch a quick glimpse of fireworks from Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios from the BoardWalk. 

You're only going to see small bits and pieces of the fireworks from these two parks in the distance, so definitely don't expect to be immersed in the show.

Portions of fireworks from Hollywood Studios are going to be easier to see than those from the Magic Kingdom, but many of the fireworks are going to be blocked by the buildings at the BoardWalk.  

Hollywood Studios Firework Viewing From BoardWalk

We suggest standing near the bridge connecting BoardWalk and the Swan & Dolphin Resort Hotels for the best angle of any fireworks from Hollywood Studios. 

Magic Kingdom Fireworks from the BoardWalk are even trickier to see, though you'll still be able to see a decent bit of the show.  

The fireworks from Magic Kingdom take place quite a distance from BoardWalk, so you're only going to be able to see them from a very few spots and will most likely be blocked or distorted in some way by buildings. 

Magic Kingdom Fireworks Viewing Location From BoardWalk

For the best viewing angle of Magic Kingdom fireworks we recommend standing in the areas around Screen Door General Store, the former Big River Grille and Jellyrolls!

Best Spot To See EPCOT Fireworks at BoardWalk

There is one spot above all the rest to be at if you're hoping to see the EPCOT fireworks from BoardWalk. 

There is a small bridge that connects BoardWalk Resort guests to the Yacht & Beach Club, as well as the World Showcase EPCOT entrance that provides great views of the EPCOT fireworks. 

Best EPCOT Fireworks Viewing Location from BoardWalk

This bridge faces directly into World Showcase lagoon (where the fireworks are launched from) and has much less trees or buildings obstructing the firework viewing than anywhere else at BoardWalk. 

This viewing location has grown in popularity over the last few years, so we recommend getting to this spot about 15 minutes before the show begins at a minimum to have room to stand and enjoy the show! 


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