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Disney's BoardWalk Pools Guide | Ranked & Reviewed

A little known secret about Walt Disney World is the best pools across the entire property are actually located at Disney's BoardWalk.

While BoardWalk is most notably known for its scenic and relaxing lakeside stroll, the pools in this resort area are above and beyond nearly every other pool at Disney World. 

We've ranked and reviewed the pool areas at the three major BoardWalk resorts, so you can decide which pools you want to splash right into on your next visit to Walt Disney World.  

Pool Areas at Disney's BoardWalk We'll Discuss:

  • Yacht & Beach Club Hotels
  • BoardWalk Inn
  • Swan, Dolphin & Dolphin Reserve Hotels


Stormalong Bay Pirate Waterslide

#1 Yacht & Beach Club Hotels

Coming in at the top of this list with the best pools at Disney's BoardWalk are the Yacht & Beach Club.

The Yacht & Beach Club are actually two separate hotels, but they share recreational amenities including pools.

The answer to why Yacht & Beach Club has the best pools is simple... Stormalong Bay! 

Stormalong Bay Beach Pool Area


Stormalong Bay is a massive aquatics area with 3 acres of pools, multiple whirlpool spas and even a huge pirate shipped themed waterslide.

Stormalong Bay is wildly popular with children and adults alike, but there are also more relaxed options for those looking for more rest and relaxation in the sun.

There are 3 "leisure pools" which are more along the lines of standard hotel pools you would expect to see at a traditional resort. 

Stormalong Bay Windmill Pool Area


Stormalong Bay is definitely the main attraction in terms of pools at the Yacht & Beach Club, so you'll find these pools to much less crowded and will typically make for a much more quiet and relaxed experience.  

Leisure Pool at Disney's Beach Club Resort


However, it's Stromalong Bay that really separates the Yacht & Beach Club from the other pools at BoardWalk - it's such a massive area to explore with so many different swimming areas it's almost a miniature water park. 

Smack in the middle of Stormalong Bay is a full service bar and quick service dining location for you to grab a meal or refreshments without ever leaving the pool area.

No need to walk through a cold hotel in your wet bathing suit here! 

General Stormalong Bay Pools


If you're looking for the most fun pool day possible then Yacht & Beach Club is going to be a no-brainer. 

Not only would we say Yacht & Beach have the best pools at BoardWalk, it has the best hotel pool in all of Walt Disney World!

#2: BoardWalk Inn

BoardWalk Inn Entrance


Ranking second on our list is the BoardWalk Inn!

The BoardWalk Inn has three separate pools: the very fun Luna Pool, and two "leisure pools" for a more relaxing swim.

The Luna Pool is themed to an old amusement park from the 1920's with lots of Disney characters making cameos in the artwork. 

The Luna Pool also has a giant waterslide themed like a wooden roller coaster to add to the 1920's amusement park theme.

Luna Pool Area at BoardWalk Inn


Adults will also be happy to know that there's tons of lounge chairs available in the area surrounding the Luna Pool, as well as a full-service bar with burgers and other handheld foods being served poolside. 

Each pool at the BoardWalk Inn also has a whirlpool spa for some relaxation in hot water and bubbles, but we often find these whirlpool spas to be quite crowded.

The two leisure pools at BoardWalk Inn are also great and provide for a much quieter experience than what you'd find at the Luna Pool. 

Quite often we'll find one of the leisure pools almost entirely empty even though the Luna Pool is packed! 

#3: Swan, Dolphin & Dolphin Reserve Hotels

Swan Hotel Grotto Pool


Ranking 3rd on our list are the Swan, Dolphin & Swan Reserve Pools!

Just because the Swan & Dolphin appears last on our list doesn't mean these pools are bad.

The Swan & Dolphin boasts some of the best pools across Disney property, but the BoardWalk Resort area is extremely competitive in terms of pool -- you aren't going to find a resort area with more great pool options. 

The Swan & Dolphin has five different pools which are all a bit more tranquil than what you'll find at BoardWalk Inn and the Yacht & Beach Hotels. 

The most popular area is going to be the grotto and waterfall pool pictured above because of the incredible rockwork and scenery. 

Lap Pool at Disney Swan Hotel


The rest of the pools on Swan & Dolphin property are a bit more standard, but each pool area has it's own poolside restaurant and tons of activities like volleyball and pingpong. 

The lap pools at the Swan & Dolphin are also a unique feature that will allow you to get more the heart rate going if you don't mind waking up early to beat the crowds! 

Walkway Connecting the Swan and Dolphin Hotels


There really is no wrong choice when it comes to picking a pool at Disney's BoardWalk. It really depends on what you're looking for!

Yacht & Beach Club are great for those looking for a huge pool day loaded with fun and BoardWalk Inn can provide a similar experience on a smaller scale.

Swan & Dolphin is great for those looking for a bit more of a standard pool experience, but with some really great theming and high-end touches you can't find just anywhere!



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